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Cartelligent's Guide to Leasing

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Over 40% of Cartelligent clients choose to lease their new vehicle in order to drive a consistently newer car at a lower monthly payment. However, for those considering a lease for the first time, it can be confusing to understand all of the elements that make up a lease and feel confident that they are getting a great deal.


Cartelligent's Top Selling City Cars

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City-driving can be more challenging than its suburban counterpart. There are more cars on the road, greater distractions and far less available parking. Many urban drivers prefer a smaller vehicle that gives them additional maneuverability and the ability to take advantage of what parking does exist.

Cartelligent has compiled a list of our top-selling city vehiclesall of the cars listed here are small enough to meet the requirements for a compact parking space (without earning you a ticket in Palo Alto).


How to choose the right family vehicle

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Whether your first little one is on the way or you already have a full house, there comes a time to purchase a vehicle that will meet the changing needs of your family. Most families prioritize the same things – safety, reliability, capacity and fuel-economy. But with the plethora of SUVs, minivans, and wagons available it can be difficult to know where to begin.

The car buying experts at Cartelligent have compiled a list of questions you can ask yourself in order to determine which of these may be a good option for you. In considering the pros and cons of each vehicle type, you should consider not only your needs at the moment but how your family may be changing over the time you own the car.


Cartelligent's 2013 Top Sellers

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Cartelligent shares its best selling brands from 2013

At Cartelligent, we talk to car buyers every day who are looking for all makes and models. Our team of car buying experts can help whether you know exactly what you want, or would like advice on which vehicle is best for your needs.

People often ask which brands are requested the most. Here you'll find a list of the top results in 2013. You'll find some changes in this list from 2012's top brands including a surprising new best-seller.


Guide to Year-End Car Buying

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December is traditionally the month when manufacturers offer incentives to move vehicles and make their annual numbers look strong. Luxury brands in particular use year-end deals to clear out inventory and bolster interest in new models, spending extensively on campaigns such as Lexus’ “December to Remember,” BMW's "Happier New Year" and Mercedes-Benz' "Winter Event."


Preparing Your Trade-In for Sale

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While most people are excited by the prospect of driving home in a new car, they are typically less enthusiastic about their options on what to do with their current vehicle. One of the most common questions clients ask us is what they should do in advance to get their trade-in ready and ensure they get a fair price with a minimum of effort and expense.