Cartelligent - Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long has Cartelligent been in business?
    Cartelligent was founded in 2000 in Sausalito, CA. Since then, we have facilitated over 20,000 new car deliveries and opened offices in Danville, CA, San Jose, CA and Irvine, CA. Throughout its history, Cartelligent has provided exceptional service from consulting, locating and delivering new cars, establishing itself as the smarter way to buy or lease a new car.


  • Why is Cartelligent the smarter way to buy or lease my new car?
    We save our clients time, money and hassle. We work for you throughout the entire process from consulting, finding and getting you your new car with the preferred color and options you want to saving you money on the closing cost.  Our commitment throughout the process is to you, our client, to get you the car you want at a great price.


  • Does Cartelligent only locate and deliver new vehicles?
    Yes, our Account Executives are service oriented professionals in the automotive space. Our reputation has been earned by adhering to the highest quality standards in delivery of reliable, warranted new vehicles. For this reason, we only provide services for obtaining new vehicles that we can feel proud to put the Cartelligent name on.


  • How much money can I save using Cartelligent?
    Many of our clients save hundreds to thousands of dollars. Cartelligent's unique focus on delivering value to our clients is about low prices and high service. The Cartelligent service can save you money compared with buying through another service, website or at a dealership. Our service can become even more valuable when you factor in financing, leasing, after market items, paying for options you don't need, trade-in value, and the time and energy associated with other alternatives. The package price is all you pay us. Any other delivery costs or commissions are paid by the dealer.


  • How much time will Cartelligent save me?
    On average, people spend about 20 hours researching, locating, and negotiating for their new car - often with less than optimal results. We are professionals and after we understand what you want, we go to work and then get back to you as quickly as you need us to with the results you are looking for.


  • How long will it take to get my new car?
    We work at your pace. For many cars, our normal turn around time is just a few days. If you need results sooner or are looking to purchase in the future, just let us know and we will work to accommodate your needs.


  • Can Cartelligent get hard-to-find models?
    We are experts at locating or special ordering any make or model new vehicle offered for sale in the United States.  We do especially well with vehicles in high demand.


  • What is the cost for Cartelligent's service?
    We offer three, easy to understand Service Packages.  Simply choose a Package that best meets your needs and we'll go to work.  If you're unsure of what Package to choose, or even where you are in the process, just call us and we'll answer your questions.  Our Clients regard our services as both time and money saving, often saving thousands of dollars and countless hours of effort.


  • If I get my car from Cartelligent, where will it come from?
    Every new car that we deliver comes from an authorized new car dealer. The purchase, financing, or leasing documents will come directly from the dealer and be in your name, and you will be the first owner of your new vehicle with the full manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Why does Cartelligent work with dealers?
    We work with dealers because, in the United States, all new cars must be sold from authorized dealerships. This legislation was designed to help protect consumers, and also enables the automobile manufacturers to stand behind their products for warranty claims and repairs.


  • Do dealers like to work with Cartelligent?
    Most dealers value the benefit and winning relationship with us.  We provide them with "an easy and enjoyable car selling experience" Monday through Friday, when dealerships are not as busy. We make it clean and easy for them to simply offer their "bottom line" price right up front. The profit a dealer makes on a Cartelligent sale is lower than their average profit compared with a traditional sale, but the internal costs associated with the sale are lower as well.


  • Why do dealers like to work with Cartelligent?
    They know we represent serious buyers. We help dealers sell more cars and increase their monthly revenues. They turn their inventory faster, increasing their allocation of new vehicles.


  • Do I still get the dealer's and manufacturer's warranties if I buy through Cartelligent?
    Yes.  All new cars come with the exact same warranty coverage. Since we get your car from a new car dealership, this coverage transfers directly from the dealer to you. You are the first owner of the car, with all of the rights to the car's warranty.


  • Where can I get my new car serviced?
    You can get your car serviced at any authorized dealer of your choice; near your home or near your work.