Car Sales to Increase in March 2012

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U.S auto sales have been on a steep increase in 2012, likely due to pockets of aging cars on the road with buyers unwilling to purchase during the depths of the recession entering back into the market.  Buyers are finding low rates and supply welcoming them back.  While incentives can still be found, manufacturers are relying less on cash-back, bonus money or other financing strategies to lure drivers back.

TrueCar forecasts March 2012 new light-vehicle sales of 1.42 million, up 13.7% from March 2011 and 23.3% higher than February 2012. projects U.S. auto sales will rise 17% in March 2012 from a year earlier.

What manufacturers will have the strongest sales?  Forecasts show Toyota, Ford, GM and Honda will all post strong monthly sales.  Chrysler is also finding success with the popularity of the Fiat 500 in the line-up for American drivers.