Do you know how long the average car is? Or the average mid size suv length? You’ll need to know this if you want to fit your new or new-to-you vehicle into your garage. Cars keep getting longer and longer because SUVs are gradually getting bigger and bigger. Larger cars are actually safer for drivers and motorists. Find out a car’s and SUV’s average length with our handy guide.

How Long is the Average Car in the United States?

A car’s average length in the United States is 14.7 feet, and automakers keep producing longer, more stable cars with more interior space. SUVs are the most popular new vehicles in America, and they are helping the average car length to increase.

How Long Are Cars?

The average compact car in the United States is around 13.9 feet long. Some urban cars, where parking spots are tight, can be around 12.8 feet long. The smallest cars, sometimes called mini cars, average 10.5 feet long.

Other average car lengths are:

  • Mid-size car length is 14.8 feet long
  • Full-size car length is 15.7 feet long

What is the Average SUV Length?

Compact SUVs are about 14.2 feet long, or a bit longer than a compact car. Like a car’s average length, the average SUV length depends on the size of each segment. Mid-size SUV length and full-size SUV length vary from each make and model.

The average SUV length for larger vehicles:

  • Mid-size SUV length is 15.2 feet long
  • Full-size SUV length is 16.7 feet long

What is the Average Pickup Truck Length?

Pickups need to be long to handle cargo hauling in their beds. The average small pickup is 16.3 feet long, while the average full-size pickup is 18.4 feet long. 

Are American Cars and SUVs Getting Longer?

When you look at how long the average car is, you can see over the years that cars are getting longer and longer. Part of the reason is demand, another is that garages for homes, parking garages, and parking spaces are getting longer.

For example, several manufacturers have increased the lengths of their vehicles by as much as 20% from the 1990s to now.

How Long is the Average Car from Smallest to Largest?

The smallest car sold in America is around 10 feet long, while the longest is around 20 feet long. 

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