Shoppers come directly to Cartelligent when they’re ready to upgrade. Cartelligent proudly partners with both individual dealerships and original equipment manufacturers because we’re driven to get the best prices for our clients—and everyone wins when dealers and OEMs take advantage of our connections.

For Dealerships

Managing, organizing, and following up on leads can feel like a full-time job in itself, but we promise there’s a better way. Whether you own a single dealership or you manage an entire network, Cartelligent can give you your time back and help you grow at the same time.

Other lead generation opportunities bring you information that may or may not lead to an increase in your bottom line. Cartelligent does things a little differently. We deliver sales, not leads, so you can sit back and watch your stock roll off the lot. The benefits are impossible to ignore:

High-value shoppers from all over California choose Cartelligent, and we can help you grow both inside and outside of your PMA. Email to learn more.

For OEMs

When we said that everyone wins with Cartelligent, we meant it! Manufacturers that opt into our partnership program will help to ensure their vehicles wind up in the right hands: those of dependable buyers and lessees who understand a thing or two about brand loyalty and convenience.

Shoppers who choose Cartelligent appreciate the level of service that we offer, and most return to our business each time they’re ready to start the process again. By partnering with Cartelligent, you help to ensure that your brand’s vehicles are among the first that they’ll consider, every time.

Let’s Work Together

Cartelligent offers a streamlined experience to customers, a superior sales generation system for dealers, and improved market access for OEMs. We can’t wait to show you how we do business, so don’t hesitate to start a conversation! Give us a call at 1-888-427-4270 or send us an email today.