Which car brands have the most loyal clients?

Cartelligent not only helps new car buyers decide on the right vehicle, but we can also give them a high value for their trade-in. We’ve analyzed data from thousands of clients who traded in their old car to see which brand clients remain loyal to—and which they choose instead when they defect.

Here’s a list of the brands Cartelligent clients are most likely to choose again as well as the most popular brands among those who decide to try something new.

10. Toyota (41% drive again)

What else they choose: Top alternatives for current Toyota drivers include Audi (11%), Honda (6%) and Chevrolet (6%).

9. Land Rover (42% drive again)

What else they choose: Clients who are currently in a Land Rover are most likely to switch to a Toyota, Volvo, or Jeep (8% each)

8. Jeep (46% drive again)

What else they choose: Jeep clients often decide to buy or lease another SUV, with Audi (11%), Land Rover (7%) and Mazda (7%) among the most selected.

7. Subaru (48% drive again)

What else they choose: Popular brands among clients who are trading in a Subaru include Toyota (13%) and Mazda (8%).

6. Porsche (49% drive again)

What else they choose: Rival German manufacturers are also top choices for clients trading-in their current Porsche. Top among those looking for a change are Mercedes-Benz (12%), Audi and Land Rover (10% each).

5. BMW (50% drive again)

What else they choose: BMW drivers who want to switch brands most often opt for a new Audi (11%). Other preferred choices include Mercedes-Benz and Volvo (5% each).

4. Mercedes-Benz (51% drive again)

What else they choose: Mercedes-Benz clients who are ready for something new often select Audi (13%) vehicles. Land Rover, Toyota, and Volvo are also popular choices with 6% each.

3. Mazda (52% drive again)

What else they choose: Mazda owners are most likely to switch to a new Volkswagen (15%) or Subaru (11%). Toyota and Audi are also strong contenders (7% each).

2. Honda (53% drive again)

What else they choose: More than half of our clients who trade-in a Honda choose to replace it with another Honda. Among those who decide to switch, 18% move to a Toyota, 9% opt for a Subaru and another 9% choose a new Audi.

1. Audi (54% drive again)

What else they choose: Our Audi clients are the most likely to remain with the same brand. Of those who are ready for something new, BMW (8%) and Volvo (5%) top the list. Porsche and Mercedes-Benz are also popular choices with 5% each.

Whether or not the next car you want is on this list, Cartelligent can help you get a great deal on exactly what you want. Call our team of car-buying experts at 888.427.4270 or get started today.

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