California residents looking to get a headstart on complying with the 2035 gas-powered vehicle ban may be searching for their next luxury electric ride. Those on the hunt for inspired performance, refined aesthetics, and the latest in comfort and convenience technology can’t go wrong with the BMW EV and hybrid lineup. This electrified BMW lineup includes everything from BMW EV SUVs to BMW hybrid cars and sedans, giving San Francisco drivers a wide selection of performance, range, and features to choose from. Take a look at some of your options within the BMW EV lineup and decide which you’d be interested in exploring further with the experts at Cartelligent

BMW Plug-In Hybrid Models

The selection of BMW hybrid cars mainly involves plug-in hybrid models. Plug-in hybrids include a traditional gas engine, electric motors, and a large electric battery, all of which work together to power your vehicle on the Orange County roads. A plug-in hybrid vehicle requires the battery to be charged, much like an electric vehicle, giving drivers a small amount of all-electric range while still having the gas engine to fall back on during long trips. 

The BMW plug-in hybrid cars and SUVs include:

  • BMW 330e & 330e xDrive Sedans: The plug-in hybrid BMW 3 Series sedan offers all the same great features you can find on the base 3 Series models with the fuel economy of a hybrid. Able to reach an all-electric range of 22 miles (20 for xDrive models), this sedan will give San Jose drivers refinement and efficiency with every drive. 
  • BMW 530e & 530e xDrive Sedans: Upgrade to the BMW 5 Series plug-in hybrid model, the 530e, for even more luxury and space than the 3 Series. With an all-electric range of up to 21 miles, this slick, sporty sedan can run errands completely emission-free.
  • BMW X5 xDrive50e SUV: Need more space and performance for your daily drives? The BMW X5 xDrive50e plug-in hybrid can reach up to 40 miles on electric power without sacrificing capability.
  • BMW XM: Drivers craving a performance-oriented drive will love the power and efficiency of the BMW XM plug-in hybrid. With the exceptional engineering of the BMW M models and an electric range of up to 30 miles, this sport BMW plug-in hybrid will add thrills to your fuel-efficient drives.

BMW Electric Models

In addition to several plug-in BMW hybrid models, BMW also offers some electric vehicles, or EVs. The BMW EVs are powered solely by electric motors and batteries, requiring no fuel to run, only an electric charge. Take a look at the BMW EV cars and SUVs currently available to see the style, range, and tech each can offer for your Los Angeles drives:

  • BMW i4 Gran Coupe: The electric BMW i4 Gran Coupe comes in three classy models, each with a sleek design and premium features inside the cabin. Depending on the configuration, this BMW EV is capable of up to 301 miles of electric range. 
  • BMW iX SUV: With cutting-edge performance and enhanced luxury, you can’t go wrong with this BMW EV SUV. Capable of up to 307 miles of electric range depending on the trim, Walnut Creek drivers will appreciate the versatility and refinement of the BMW iX.
  • BMW i7 Executive Sedan: Innovative style, technology, and design allow the BMW i7 to reach up to 318 miles of electric range, all while providing an exciting performance. Enjoy the latest in BMW luxury with the Sky Lounge LED roof and BMW Interaction Bar. 

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