City-driving can be more challenging than its suburban counterpart. There are more cars on the road, greater distractions and far less available parking. Many urban drivers prefer a smaller vehicle that gives them additional maneuverability and the ability to take advantage of what parking does exist.

Cartelligent has compiled a list of our top-selling city vehicles—all of the cars listed here are small enough to meet the requirements for a compact parking space (without earning you a ticket in Palo Alto).

10. FIAT 500

Why we love it: The chic FIAT 500 appeals to urbanites who want a distinctive looking car and a fun drive. The 500 is also available in convertible and all-electric versions.

9. Lexus CT200h

Why we love it: Lexus is the front runner in luxury hybrids for a reason and the CT200h is no exception. It offers a well-appointed, stylish interior and a smooth, comfortable drive. This is a great choice for urban drivers who don’t want to sacrifice style.

8. Ford C-MAX

Why we love it: The C-MAX hybrid offers urban commuters a variety of tech features that boost fuel economy, improve performance and just make the drive more enjoyable. Available Active Park Assist can even help make it possible to get into that last tiny spot on the street.

7. Nissan LEAF

Why we love it: The Nissan LEAF is a great choice for urban drivers who have the option to plug in a vehicle. The 2014 model offers a 75-mile typical driving range and shortened 6-hour charge time.

6. MINI Cooper

Why we love it: The iconic MINI is known for its agile handling and performance. The Cooper has a unique retro style both inside and out and allows drivers to stand out from the pack and feel straight out of a scene from The Italian Job.

5. Volkswagen Golf

Why we love it: The popular Golf hatchback offers a sporty drive, quick accelleration and a large interior for its small size. Upgrade to a TDI for the increased fuel economy of a clean diesel.

4. Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen

Why we love it: The Jetta SportWagen is surprisingly compact with a smaller footprint than the Jetta sedan. Its impressive cargo space and steady ride make it a strong choice for city-dwelling families.

3. Honda CR-V

Why we love it: The CR-V is a competitively-priced option for those who want the additional space of a compact SUV. City drivers appreciate the reliability and safety features that come from owning a Honda.

2. BMW X1

Why we love it: The X1 is perfect for urbanites who want sporty performance, flexible cargo space and the premium style of a BMW combined in a small footprint.

1. Toyota Prius

Why we love it: It’s no surprise that the ever popular Prius is our best-selling city car. It combines fuel-efficiency, safety and reliability with an affordable price point.

Finally, we couldn’t resist adding what is arguably the greatest small vehicle of all time.

City Dream Car: Porsche 911

Why we love it: The 911 just turned 50 and it remains a work of art. It looks beatiful both inside and out and it is even more fun to drive than you think it’s going to be. All that and it still fits into a compact parking space.

Whether or not the next car you want is on this list, Cartelligent can help you get a great deal on exactly what you want. Call our team of car-buying experts at 888.427.4270 or get started today.