Watch Courtney Venable of Laguna Hillls share her experience buying her new BMW 5 Series with Cartelligent’s Orange County office.

“What frustrates me about the traditional car buying experience is I feel like it takes up a lot of time, and you have to do a lot of research, and it’s an entire process that may take months. I really didn’t have that time. I work in real estate. I have very specific things that I need in my car, and I felt like if I go into a regular dealership with sales people, that they’re not really going to listen to me about what I want. They just want to get the deal done.

Since I had never purchased a car before, I did a lot of research and I was referred to Cartelligent. They really listened to me. Every single detail I wanted, every single question I had they answered. They were very specific in making sure I got what I wanted. I was completely in shock with how little I actually had to do. I just had to tell them what I wanted and they set everything up for me, and it was extremely easy and a really positive experience.

I would definitely recommend Cartelligent to any of my friends who are looking to buy a car because they got me exactly what I wanted, and I felt like I didn’t even have to put in a lot of work or effort or time spent. It was just very efficient, and I loved their customer service. They were always there for me, always wanting to listen and answer questions, and it was one of the best experiences I’ve had to deal with.”

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