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For Dealers

Cartelligent delivers sales, not leads.

Cartelligent is a licensed California auto broker. For over twenty years, our team of professionals has been bringing dealers closed sales at lower cost than lead generation sources.

Every year, thousands of consumers choose Cartelligent for their new car. We provide an easy and straightforward car buying experience to the segment of the market that does not come into the dealership to negotiate. 

While online sites like TrueCar and Costco sell your dealership leads that still require time and effort to close on your end, Cartelligent delivers sales with little time investment needed. We work with a growing dealership network throughout California encompassing all makes and models.

We bring dealerships a number of advantages, including:

  • Closed and qualified new car sales
  • Lower acquisition cost of sales
  • Increased market share in and out of PMA
  • High CSI scores
  • Additional service leads
  • Quality trade-ins and lease returns
  • Off-peak contact hours
  • Processes and procedures that comply with all DMV and OEM requirements

To learn more about how Cartelligent can help your dealership sell more vehicles and increase your customer satisfaction scores, email [email protected]

Cartelligent new car sales and leasing saves you time and money. We even help you trade-in your old vehicle. Real people. Personalized service. Expert advice. Offices in Marin / San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Walnut Creek / East Bay and Irvine / Southern California.