As Los Angeles drivers start the exciting search for their next new vehicle, the last thing they tend to think about is paperwork. Still, it’s an important aspect to think about. If you’re wondering, “What documents do I need to buy a car in California?”, Cartelligent is here to help. Read on to learn about what documentation is needed to buy a new car in California and how Cartelligent can simplify the process.

Documentation You Need to Buy a Car in California

The amount of documentation you need will depend on how you choose to buy your new vehicle. If you plan on choosing one of the most popular routes for San Francisco drivers, financing, here are the documents you’ll need to have on hand: 

  • Driver’s License: It may seem obvious, but any car purchase requires proving that you are a legally registered driver in California. Your driver’s license can also serve as proof of identification that can be checked against your preferred payment method.
  • Proof of Insurance: Every vehicle driven on Orange County roads needs to be insured by law. California allows a grace period of 30 days to buy insurance for your vehicle and provide proof of active coverage to the California DMV for registration purposes.
  • Payment: Have the paperwork for the loan you’ve taken out on your new vehicle and the check or cash you plan on using as your down payment. 

If you don’t have a loan provider picked out before reaching out to Cartelligent, we can help! In order to get financing, you’ll need a few extra pieces of documentation: 

  • Proof of Residence: This proof can be utility bills, mortgage statements, or other kinds of bills to verify your address.
  • Proof of Income: To qualify for a loan, you must provide some proof of employment or income via recent pay stubs or bank statements that can be used to determine your financial situation.

What Documents You Need to Register a Car in California

Once you’ve bought a new car for all your Walnut Creek commutes, your vehicle will still need to be registered with the state of California. What documents do you need? See below:

  • Title: You will need a copy of your new car title with all the sections and signatures filled out.
  • Bill of Sale: While not required by law, a bill of sale can make the verification process faster, and is recommended when submitting your vehicle registration. 
  • Smog Certificate: While this certificate is not required on cars less than eight years old, it’s good to keep in mind for any future car purchases that, for some vehicles, these certificates are required. 

When you work with Cartelligent, we take this complicated situation out of your hands. Spend less time filling out DMV registration paperwork and more time enjoying your new vehicle with Cartelligent!

Buy a New Car in California with Cartelligent!

Skip the hassle and let Cartelligent simplify your car-buying experience. When you choose to buy a new car with Cartelligent, we make the paperwork as easy as can be. Get started by speaking to one of our advisors today and see how much time and effort you can save when you find your next car through Cartelligent.