Which leasing option makes the most sense for me?

There are many reasons that leasing a new car, SUV or truck can be a great choice for you. For instance, you may want to try out an EV, plug-in hybrid, a minivan or a new brand of car before purchasing it. Also, leasing your vehicles lets you keep up with the latest safety features and state-of-the-art technology. That may be important to you.

On the financial side, monthly lease payments tend to be significantly lower than vehicle finance payments because you are only paying for the value of the car, SUV or truck for the time you are using it. This can be more palatable from a cash flow perspective. And, since leases typically run for 36 months, which is shorter than most manufacturers’ warranties, leased vehicles are almost always under warranty for the full term of your lease. That means you never have to worry about unexpected repair expenses.

If you think leasing is for you, you’ll need to decide which leasing option is best. Leasing terms like capitalized cost, money factor, residual value and cap cost reduction sound complicated, until you understand what they mean and how they’ll affect your monthly payments and overall budget.

Let Cartelligent help!

We have California-based advisors who know a lot about leasing cars, SUVs and trucks. We can help you determine the right vehicle for your needs. Then, we’ll help you see past the jargon to understand how leases work, so you’ll know if leasing is right for you. We’ll walk you through your leasing options, like how long your lease period should be and how many miles you’ll need. Then, we’ll negotiate the terms of the lease and make sure you get a great deal.

We do all the legwork and paperwork for you. It’s all part of our service.

We make it easy to ask questions and get the answers you need. No obligation.

“Great Experience”

“I had a great experience with Cartelligent in Sausalito. After trying my hand at negotiating with dealers, I got increasingly frustrated. I obtained a great price on a car from an out of state dealer only to find out that the lease rate the dealer quoted was $100/month too high. My Cartelligent advisor explained the process clearly, patiently answered all my questions and then quickly found several cars that were had my specifications (Color, Options, Price and lease cost) and within a week I picked up my car at Cartelligent’s office. Someone there walked me through all the features and we drove together to demonstrate them.

All in all, a simple, seamless experience. Highly recommended!”