The coronavirus has changed the landscape workers, commuters, travel, and events. It’s also affecting car buying and leasing.

At Cartelligent, we want to mitigate the risk this presents to the health and safety of our clients and staff. Preventative measures we’re taking include:

  1. Employees are encouraged to work from home as much as possible
  2. Employees are encouraged to wash their hands frequently and follow best practices for safety
  3. Employees are encouraged to wipe down commonly used surfaces after each use
  4. We are no longer shaking hands with clients or other people we come into contact with

Here are the additional steps we’re taking to reduce the risk for our clients:

  1. We are wiping down all surfaces in our client signing rooms after each use
  2. We are showing clients the features of their new car from outside the vehicle rather than sitting inside it with them
  3. We are monitoring the situation and looking for additional ways to improve client safety during these difficult times

We thank you for your continued support of Cartelligent.