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We believe in transparency and it’s one of the reasons we’ve created a new way to buy a car. We love to talk about cars and car buying so don’t hesitate to ask us a question of your own.


  • What’s the catch?
    There is no catch. We’re a customer service first company and that’s what you’re paying for. We work hard to find the right car for you, saving you hours of online research, dealership visits, and time at the negotiating table.
  • How long have you been in business?
    Cartelligent was founded in 2000 in Sausalito. We believed that we could create a better way to buy or lease any new car. Since then, we’ve grown throughout California—adding delivery centers in Walnut Creek, Menlo Park and Southern California. Throughout our history, we’ve remained true to our purpose to make car buying convenient and enjoyable for our clients.
  • How much money can I save?
    Many customers save thousands of dollars off MSRP. We work together to make sure that you not only get a great price on the vehicle, but also on lease and finance rates, trade-in value and any additional products that make sense for you.
  • How do other car buying or leasing services compare?
    Services like TrueCar and Costco are actually paid lead generation platforms for dealerships. They offer clients a pre-negotiated price off MSRP, but you will need to go to a dealership to negotiate the remainder of the transaction.

    Cartelligent can get you the same pricing or lower, plus we negotiate the entirety of the deal including lease or finance rates. Signing the paperwork at a Cartelligent delivery center typically takes about 20 minutes, compared to four plus hours at most dealerships.
  • How long is the entire process?
    For most clients it’s between 1 – 5 days. We work on your schedule to get your new car when you want it. We can also help you special order your precise build in 2-3 months.
  • Why do I pay for the Cartelligent service?
    Our service requires a team of professionals, from sales to purchasing to delivery, dedicated to making it easy and enjoyable for you to get a great price on the car you want. We charge for the time that this takes, but our goal is always to save you at least our service price over what you might have negotiated yourself in addition to the time and stress we save.
  • When do I pay for the Cartelligent service?
    We charge for our service when you decide to hire us to find the new car you want at a great price. This also allows us maintain our below-market pricing by taking only serious buyers to dealerships.
  • Who am I buying the car from?
    You are buying the car from a franchised, licensed new car dealer. You will be the first owner of the vehicle and it will come with the full manufacturer’s warranty. You can get the car serviced at any authorized dealer that is convenient for you.
  • Can you help with buying or leasing?
    Yes. We help clients who are looking to lease, finance, or pay cash for their new car. We help you understand each option so that you can make an educated decision on which is best for you.
  • Can you help with special orders or hard to find cars?
    Yes. We can search statewide inventory (and beyond) to find any existing or incoming cars that match your preferences. We can also help you special order the exact build you want.
  • Can you help with used, certified pre-owned, or near new cars?
    No. We are experts at getting great prices on new cars and we can often make buying or leasing a new car competitive to buying a near new or certified pre-owned car. Your Cartelligent advisor can help you learn more about how a new car compares to a pre-owned vehicle.
  • Can you help people who do not live or work in California?
    No. At this time, we’re only able to work with clients who plan to register their new car in California.
  • Can you help non-US residents who live or work in California?
    Yes. We work with a number of foreign professionals and can help simplify the entire process to get you approved without a US credit history.
  • Can you help with my trade-in?
    Yes. We can make you an offer for your trade in and simplify the process for you to get a great value for it. Our trade-in service is included with our Premium and Luxury service packages. It is also available as a stand alone service.
  • Can you help with my lease return?
    Yes. You can drop off your lease return when you pick up your new car. We’ll return your leased vehicle for you. Our lease return service is included with our Premium and Luxury service packages.
  • Can you help me get out of my lease early?
    We can help you explore your options to get out of your lease early and make the transaction easy.
  • How does the Cartelligent business model work?
    Cartelligent clients pay a nominal package price to begin the search process. Because the work that we do often costs more than this, we may receive a fee from the dealer, as appropriate, for the new vehicle or for arranging trade-ins and aftermarket accessories. Cartelligent clients typically save money overall as compared to negotiating the price, finance terms, aftermarkets and trade-in on their own.
  • What happens if I decide not to buy a car?
    Our service is 100% guaranteed. If you decide not to work with us for any reason, just let us know and we’ll refund your money in full.

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