Most drivers have experienced that sense of panic from almost swerving into another car that just wasn’t visible. Blind spot monitoring avoids this by alerting the driver when another vehicle enters its blind spot. In some systems the vehicle will even steer itself away from the approaching vehicle to prevent the accident. (For more on active crash prevention technology, see Should your next car have a crash prevention system?)

How does blind spot monitoring work?

Blind spot monitoring systems use cameras or radar to watch the area around the vehicle and look for other vehicles that are nearby. In most systems, a light will appear in the side-view mirror to alert the driver that a vehicle is present. If the driver activates the turn signal while another vehicle is in the blind spot, an audible alert or steering wheel vibration is activated.

Is blind spot monitoring worth the cost?

Blind spot monitoring systems can cost between several hundred and several thousand dollars. If you’re an experienced, careful driver, it may not be worth the additional expense to you. On the other hand, if you frequently have young children, ringing phones or other distractions while driving, the systems can be worth their weight in gold.

Which vehicles offer blind spot monitoring?

This list is accurate as of the time of writing, but may change with time.

Acura Blind Spot Information

Acura Blind Spot Information (BSI) system uses radar sensors. It is available on all models as part of the Technology and above packages

Audi Side Assist

Audi Side Assist uses radar to detect vehicles within 200 ft. It is available as part of the Premium Plus or Prestige packages for most models.

BMW Active Blind Spot Detection

BMW Active Blind Spot Detection uses radar sensors to inform the driver of nearby vehicles. It is available on most models as part of the ACC Stop & Go + Active Driving Assistant addition to the Driver Assistance Plus package.

Buick Side Blind Zone Alert

Buick’s Side Blind Zone Alert uses radar. It comes standard on the Enclave and Lacrosse.

Cadillac Side Blind Zone Alert

Cadillac Side Blind Zone Alert comes standard on the SRX and is available on most models.

Chevrolet Blind Zone Alert

Chevy’s Side Blind Zone Alert is avialable on the Cruze, Malibu, Impala, SS, Traverse, Tahoe and Suburban and is offered alone or with lane change alert technology.

Dodge Blind Spot Monitoring

Dodge Blind Spot Monitoring is avialable on most vehicles as part of the Driver Convenience Group or Technology Group.

FIAT Blind Spot Monitoring

FIAT Blind Spot Monitoring is only available on the 500X at this time.

Ford Blind Spot Information System

Ford’s radar based Blind Spot Information System is available as an optional upgrade on most models.

GMC Side Blind Zone Alert

GMC Side Blind Zone Alert comes standard on most of the higher end editions of its SUVs

Honda Lane Watch/Expanded View Mirror

Honda offers the Lane Watch systems which uses cameras and is available as part of the upgrade packages for most models. Honda also has an Expanded View Driver’s Mirror with a convex outer edge that virtually eliminates the mirror’s traditional blind spot (available on the Accord, Civic, Odyssey, CR-V, CR-Z and Fit).

Hyundai Blind Spot Detection

Hyundai Blind Spot Detection is a radar based system that is available on the Sonata, Azera, Santa Fe, Genesis and Equus as part of the Limited or Sport 2.0 packages.

Infiniti Blind Spot Intervention System

The Infiniti Blind Spot Intervention System goes beyond just warning the driver when its radar detects a nearby vehicle by using select brake application to avoid a potential accident. It is available in the Premium and S packages on the Q50 and Q70, in the Technology package on the QX50 and QX60, or in the Driver Assistance or Deluxe Technology packages on the QX80.

Jeep Blind Spot Monitoring

Jeep’s Blind Spot Monitoring uses dual radar sensors to monitor surrounding traffic. It is available on the Cherokee Limited and the Grand Cherokee Limited, Overland and Summit.

Land Rover Blind Spot Monitor

Land Rover’s Blind Spot Monitor is available as part of the Climate Comfort and Visibility series of packages on the Range Rover Sport or on the Vision Assist package of the Range Rover Evoque.

Lexus Blind Spot Monitor

Lexus Blind Spot Monitor is available as a stand-alone option on most  models or as part of the Luxury or Luxury and Technology Packages on the IS.

Mazda Blind Spot Monitoring System

Mazda’s Blind Spot Monitoring System comes standard on the iTouring, iGrand Touring, sTouring, sGrand Touring models of the Mazda 3 and Mazda6 and the Touring and Grand Touring models of the CX-5, CX-9.

Mercedes-Benz Active Blind Spot Assist

Mercedes-Benz Active Blind Spot Assist uses radar to monitor traffic while advanced active technology can automatically apply the brakes to avert an accident. It is available as part of the Driver Assistance package on the E-Class, S-Class and or the Driver Assistance or Lane Tracking packages on the CLS-Class, GLK-Class, M-Class and GL-Class.

Nissan Blind Spot Warning

Nissan’s  Blind Spot Warning system is standard on the Quest Platinum and Murano SL and Platinum, and optional on the SV and SL models of the Altima and Rogue.

Porsche Lane Change Assist

Porsche Lane Change Assist is available as an option on the Macan, Cayenne, Panamera.

Subaru Blind Spot Detection

Subaru Blind Spot Detection uses radar to search for nearby vehicles. It is available on the Legacy, Forester and Outback.

Toyota Blind Spot Monitor

Toyota’s Blind Spot Monitor uses ‘sub-millimetre’ radars. It is available on the Avalon XLE and Limited, Camry XSE and XLE, RAV4 Limited, Highlander Limited, Sienna SE, XLE and Limited, and Tundra.

Volvo Blind Spot Information System

Volvo Blind Spot Information System was the first system of its kind available in passenger vehicles. It is available as a stand-alone option or in the Vision Package on most Volvo models.

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