There’s no denying that SUVs are a popular option among car buyers; over half of Cartelligent clients opt for an SUV. We help our clients buy and lease all kinds of cars—from compact city cars like the Chevrolet Bolt to large SUVs like the Cadillac Escalade.

We thought it would be interesting to look at what vehicle style our clients are choosing in each brand.


SUV Car Van Truck
 93%  8% n/a n/a


Acura choices lean heavily towards SUVs with the RDX (shown) and MDX as our most popular models.

Alfa Romeo

SUV Car Van Truck
 33%  67% n/a n/a


The Giulia still dominates our Alfa Romeo purchases, but the Stelvio (shown) is an increasingly popular choice with Cartelligent clients.


SUV Car Van Truck
 56% 46% n/a n/a


Cartelligent clients tend to prefer Audi SUVs with the Q5 (shown) and Q7 leading the pack. We expect this trend to continue with the advent of the redesigned Q3 and the all-new e-tron.


SUV Car Van Truck
 46%  54% n/a n/a


Top sedan choices such as the timeless 3 series (shown) are slightly more popular than SUVs like the X3 and X5.


SUV Car Van Truck
 78%  22% n/a n/a


Our clients show a strong preference for Cadillac SUVs especially the Escalade (shown) and Escalade ESV.


SUV Car Van Truck
 14%  73% n/a 12%

Chevy skews highly towards cars because of the popularity of plug-in vehicles such as the Volt and Bolt (shown) with our clients.


SUV Car Van Truck
n/a  100% n/a n/a


FIAT’s sporty 5-door models like the 500 (shown) and 500e are top choices with Cartelligent clients.


SUV Car Van Truck
 30% 30% 8% 33%


Cartelligent clients are fairly evenly split between Ford cars, trucks and SUVs with trucks like the Ford Ranger (shown) narrowly edging out the other two categories.


SUV Car Van Truck
71%  n/a n/a 29%


GMC SUVs, especially the Yukon (shown), are highly rated by Cartelligent clients.


SUV Car Van Truck
 37%  49% 9% 5%


Top sedan choices like the Accord and Civic (shown) help cars outpace SUVs, vans, and trucks with our Honda clients.


SUV Car Van Truck
 52%  48% n/a n/a


The Tucson, Santa Fe (shown), and Kona lead Hyundai SUV sales, while the Sonata (and its hybrid versions) are our most popular Hyundai sedans.


SUV Car Van Truck
82%  18% n/a n/a


Cartelligent clients are choosing Infiniti sedans like the Q50 (shown) more than SUVs more than the QX80.


SUV Car Van Truck
 89%  11% n/a n/a


The Jaguar E-PACE and F-PACE (shown) have been huge hits with Cartelligent clients. We expect the new i-PACE to show similar success.


SUV Car Van Truck
100% n/a n/a n/a


The Wrangler and Grand Cherokee (shown) lead Jeep’s line of SUVs with our clients.


SUV Car Van Truck
84%  16% 0% n/a


The Sorento SUV (shown) and Niro dominate Kia options with our clients.

Land Rover

SUV Car Van Truck
100%  n/a n/a n/a


The Range Rover, Range Rover Sport and Range Rover Velar (shown) are most popular among Land Rover’s all-SUV line up.


SUV Car Van Truck
77%  23% n/a n/a


The RX 350 (shown) and RX 450h, as well as the NX 200t and NX 300h, dominate our Lexus choices.


SUV Car Van Truck
80%  20% n/a n/a


Mazda’s popular CX-5 (shown) and CX-9 made SUVs our clients’ top choices for the brand, but the redesigned Mazda3 is already a big hit with our clients.


SUV Car Van Truck
 48%  49% 3% n/a


Mercedes-Benz choices are surprisingly even with SUVs including the GLC-Class and GLE-Class roughly equalling popular sedans like the E-Class and C-Class (shown).


SUV Car Van Truck
n/a 100% n/a n/a


Popular MINI choices include the Countryman and Convertible (shown).


SUV Car Van Truck
27% 56% 10% 7%


The redesigned LEAF (shown) has dominated our Nissan sales this year, while the Rogue is our most popular Nissan SUV.


SUV Car Van Truck
 65%  35% n/a n/a

Our clients show a definite preference for the Macan and Cayenne (shown) over the make’s iconic line of sports cars.


SUV Car Van Truck
n/a n/a n/a 100%

The RAM 1500 (shown) leads the brand’s all-truck lineup with our clients.


SUV Car Van Truck
 25%  75% n/a n/a


The five-door Outback and Crosstrek wagon are our most popular Subaru cars, but the all-new Ascent and Forester are increasingly popular choices.


SUV Car Van Truck
 48%  33% 7% 11%

Toyota SUVs like the Highlander (shown) and RAV4 have pushed SUVs as the top vehicle type for Cartelligent clients.


SUV Car Van Truck
 49% 51% n/a n/a


The new Atlas (shown) and redesigned Tiguan are chosen almost as often as cars including the Golf family of hatchbacks and wagons.


SUV Car Van Truck
92%  8% n/a n/a

The XC90 and XC60 (shown), and XC40 are our most chosen Volvos.

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