John W.
I was looking for a car broker to help me find/buy a car and so looked at Yelp reviews and found Alan at Cartelligent. I highly recommend this company… Alan was very knowledgeable and helpful… He guided me through the process and saved me a lot of time and money. After I gave him the details on what car I was looking for, he and his team gave me options and explained the up and downsides of each. I really appreciated the experience as it helped me avoid much of the unsavory time at dealerships.
Cynthia N.
I recently purchased my car through this company. Alan helped me through the whole process and was more than patient in answering all of my questions – including the dumb ones. 1) They do all the work for you. I specifically told Alan what type of car I wanted and within a day or two he got back to me with the results. The color I wanted, trim, breakdown of price, and when the car would be available. 2) Once the car was ready, it was safely parked in a garage that’s inside the office, with a big red bow on top! All I had to do was sign the paperwork while he explained what document meant what. The whole process took about 15 mins. Then I was outtie in my new whip! Would I recommend this place? Heck to the yes!! You best believe it! Thank you so much Alan and the Cartelligent family for your help and great service!
Robin A.
Had a great experience using Cartelligent. Alan provided us with great support and made this car buying experience what it should be. We called and asked for a very specific car, a white manual BMW M235i… Alan found one on a boat from Germany and three weeks later she’s parked in our garage. During the three weeks of agonizing suspense, Alan was always happy to address any questions or concerns and kept us updated on the location and status of the vehicle. Not having to do the whole song and dance with a dealership was a new and refreshing experience. We will be using Cartelligent in the future. 10/10