Jim H.
This is the third car I’ve gotten through Chris Miller at Cartelligent for two simple reasons: they find the car I want at a better price than I could ever hope to negotiate myself, and they make the transaction absolutely painless. Sign papers, get the car and a walkthrough of the features, and out the door in about 45 minutes. No upsells, hard sells, or opaque answers about what you’re buying. I couldn’t recommend this service more highly.
Katie F.
My advice: USE CARTELLIGENT!! I live in the Bay Area and went through Cartelligent to buy my very first new car, a 2023 Subaru Forester, and it was the BEST DECISION I EVER MADE! My parents and sister also used Cartelligent in the past and had the same reps, and they felt it was the best experience they’ve ever had choosing and purchasing a car, too. My Account Rep, Chris Miller, and Delivery Specialist, Ricardo Rodriguez, were the most helpful, nice, honest and genuine people to work with. Cartelligent was so quick and EASY and allowed me to avoid all the hassle, stress, and unnecessary expenses that dealership salesmen might have tried to swindle me into paying for being a first-time car buyer. Having little to no experience with cars was not an issue. Chris was happy to answer any little question I had (no matter how silly I might’ve thought they were) and Ricardo was very flexible and accommodating when delivering my car to my house. Ricardo waited in front of my house for AN HOUR because I was stuck in traffic, and he still had the biggest smile on his face and was so funny and pleasant to conduct business with. Cartelligent claims to save 15-20 hours of my time going through them, however I think I saved MORE! My life is very busy with family, work, kids, animals and more, that it would’ve taken me MONTHS if not a year to find my dream car considering the minimal amount of free time and knowledge I have. A huge THANK YOU to Chris and Ricardo at Cartelligent. 🙂
Deborah T.
Amazing responsiveness from Chris Miller. Trying to find a Toyota Hybrid RAV4 in the midst of supply chain issues. I wound up getting my car elsewhere (had given up on the dealer) and Chris was gracious enough to totally refund my money. Will definitely use them in the future – highly recommended!!