Most car shoppers start with a budget. Of course, they also have a list of features that they’re looking for—whether it’s cargo space for road trips, great fuel economy, or the latest safety innovations. But most people look for those features within the parameters of what they can afford to spend on a car.

In this series of articles we’re going to look at what our top sellers are within a given price range. Rather than using the starting price, we’ve run the average MSRP of each vehicle as configured by our clients. For this article we’ve taken an average MSRP of $55,000 to $64,999.

10. Land Rover LR4 (Average MSRP: $62,180)

Why we love it: Land Rover’s capable LR4 combines the brand’s storied off-road capability with robust powertrain options and a comfortable, well-appointed interior. The LR4 can be optioned to include features such as adaptive cruise control, a rear seat entertainment system, and the “heavy duty” package that includes a true high-low two-speed transfer case and active locking differential. This Rover feels right at home in the mud, snow, or driving to soccer practice.

9. Lexus GX 460 (Average MSRP: $58,239)

Why we love it: The GX 460 is an off-road capable family hauler with a dependable Lexus pedigree to back it up. First introduced in 2002, the GX has been a favorite of families and adventurers alike. With a typical Lexus-quiet interior and a plethora of safety and features, this V8 powered three-row SUV is an ideal choice for people who like tackling life in style.

8. Lexus GS 350 (Average MSRP: $56,107)

Why we love it: Another Lexus makes our list, and there’s no doubt why. The beautifully appointed GS balances comfort with a sporty soul like few other cars available. From its plush seats and magnificently designed interior, to its massive 12.3” infotainment screen, the Lexus GS is truly a nice place to be. Like most luxury competitors in the segment, all-wheel-drive is available in addition to high-performance hybrid versions in base trim or in the more aggressive F-Sport variants.

7. Audi SQ5 (Average MSRP: $63,274)

Why we love it: This isn’t your father’s Q5. One of the world’s most wonderful sleepers, the SQ5 blends in with its more subdued siblings from most angles, but can blast the doors off nearly any SUV on the road. With only a few details alerting outsiders to the SQ5’s potent 354-horsepower powerplant, this luxurious Audi is an absolute blast to drive.

6. Volkswagen Touareg (Average MSRP: $57,139)

Why we love it: VW’s most prestigious model is actually closely related to Porsche’s impressive Cayenne SUV, and in fact, boasts two of the Cayenne’s engines as optional equipment. With a serene, comfortable interior, and an available TDI diesel engine that gets an EPA estimated 29 mpg highway, the Touareg is an excellent choice for those looking for luxury without the flash.

5. Lexus RX 450h (Average MSRP: $57,686)

Why we love it: Lexus’s stalwart RX series has been a perennial powerhouse since it was introduced in 1998. The RX’s quiet, comfortable ride, and well styled-interior is quintessential Lexus. Reliability ratings are through the roof, and the AWD 450h’s hybrid drivetrain achieves an impressive 30 mpg combined rating—a huge reason for its popularity. A fully redesigned 2016 model is on the way (pictured above), and should continue this model’s impressive success.

4. Mercedes-Benz ML-Class (Average MSRP: $63,566)

Why we love it: There’s something about a Mercedes that inspires confidence. Impressive build quality coupled with above average handling and performance make this American-built Benz a favorite amongst our clients. With four powertrain options, including a robust fuel-sipping diesel and the high-powered ML63 AMG performance model, there’s an ML out there for everyone. For 2016, the ML-Class is being renamed the GLE class. (We’ve explained everything about Mercedes’s new nomenclature here: Understanding the new Mercedes-Benz model names.)

3. Audi A6 (Average MSRP: $60,846)

Why we love it: With the latest A6, Audi has made itself hard to surpass in the mid-sized luxury sedan market. The refined, well laid out interiors, beautiful color combinations, standard Quattro all wheel drive on most variations, and inspired handling are just a few of the reasons that this is a great choice. New features for the 2016 model include a real USB port (missing until now), 4G AT&T Wi-Fi, sharper taillights, and an LCD dash screen that can display Google Earth based navigation. Three engines are available on the A6, and an incredible performance-based S6 is available for those that need to get from 0-60 mph in under 4 seconds.

2. Audi Q7 (Average MSRP: $62,208)

Why we love it: The Q7 in its present form has had a great run. Since being introduced in 2008, this three-row luxury SUV has offered families everything they’ve needed in the snow or around town. There are only a few options available for people looking to combine the size of a large SUV with more carlike handling, so it’s no wonder the Q7 has been successful. Completely redesigned for 2016 (pictured above), it should continue to excel in its class.

1. BMW 4 Series (Average MSRP: $57,560)

Why we love it: BMW sure knows what they’re doing. Since being renamed the 4 Series after decades of being known as 3 Series Coupes and Convertibles, the 4 has come into its own as a distinctive line of models. Despite sharing most of its components with its four door siblings, the 4 Series members have personalities all their own. Whether you need sophistication of the 428i or are looking for the blistering performance of the 435i or M4, the 4 Series has a model for you. Now offered in Coupe, Convertible, or four door Gran Coupe (pictured), the sporty Bimmer is still as impressive as ever. (Watch a Video Review)

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