Considering a Volvo but don’t know which model to get? Cartelligent can help! Volvo has expanded their lineup to include plug-in-hybrid and/or fully electric versions of all their flagship models. Read on below for the Volvo SUV comparison for the models XC40, XC60, and XC90. 

Volvo has adopted multiple naming conventions including adding Recharge and/or swapping the X for an E to signify hybrid or electric. However, these are not consistent between models so we’ll help you differentiate between the Volvo XC40, XC60, and XC90. Note that in 2023 Volvo announced that even their gas cars will be classified as Mild Hybrid. 

According to the Volvo website, “Our mild hybrids recover energy produced when braking and store it in a 48V battery. When this energy is used, fuel consumption and tailpipe emissions are both reduced.”

ModelXC40 (gas) and XC40 Recharge (fully electric)XC60 (gas) and XC60 Recharge (plug-in hybrid)XC90 (gas) and XC90 Recharge (plug-in hybrid)
SizeCompact SUVMid-size SUVFull-size SUV
Height65 in65.3 in69.9 in
Width75.2 in78.7 in79.1 in
Length174.8 in185.4 in195 in
Mileage/Range*Gas: 24 MPG city/30 MPG highway/26 MPG combinedRecharge: 223 miGas: 22 MPG city/28 MPG highway/25 MPG combinedRecharge: 63 MPG combined, 35 mi electric rangeGas: 22 MPG city/27 MPG highway/24 MPG combined Recharge: 58 MPG combined, 32 mi electric range
Starting MSRP$40,100 (Gas), $53,550 (Electric) $46,450 (Gas), $57,900 (Hybrid)$56,000 (Gas), $71,900 (Hybrid)
*All mileages and ranges are EPA estimated

2024 Volvo Models

EX90: The EX90 is accepting reservations and is expected to be delivered starting in early 2024. Exact pricing is TBD as the website notes, “Well-equipped under $80,000.” The EPA estimated range is up to 300 miles with 10-80% charge in 30 minutes. 

EX30: Volvo is taking reservations for their fully-electric compact SUV expected to deliver in summer 2024. It has a very competitive price starting at $34,950 MSRP with up to 275 EPA estimated range. It will feature the next generation infotainment system similar to the EX90. An adventure-focused Cross Country edition is also highlighted on Volvo’s website for release at a later date. 

It is speculated that Volvo will introduce an EX60 and EX40 as well.

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