If you’ve used Cartelligent in the past or are currently working with us to buy or lease your next car, you know our team works hard to simplify every step of the car-buying process. But what exactly happens behind the scenes at Cartelligent to make that happen?

To find out, we’re here to guide you through a Day in the Life at Cartelligent so you can see the work our teams do to provide an exceptional buying experience for all our customers.

The first step for any car purchase starts with our Client Team. When you reach out to Cartelligent to find your next car, our advisors are here to help every step of the way.

Once you’ve given our Client Team all the details, the Purchasing Team takes over. Each team member in Purchasing specializes in specific vehicle brands, helping them stay up-to-date with current inventory levels, available incentives, and current market pricing. Once they find an in-stock, incoming, or orderable car that meets your specifications, the Purchasing Team works with our dealer partners to negotiate a great price and make sure any available incentives are applied.

In the meantime, our Trades Team works on your current vehicle to get a fair price for your trade-in or lease return. We even handle all headache-inducing DMV paperwork!

Finally, our Delivery Team takes the final step toward bringing you the car of your dreams. Once your new car has arrived and has been thoroughly cleaned and inspected, our Delivery Team experts walk you through your vehicle’s features. Our team is happy to answer any questions you have before you get behind the wheel!

That is what behind the scenes at Cartelligent looks like for our clients. Every member of the Cartelligent team works hard every day to make the Cartelligent experience truly unique for our clients. When you’re ready to start your next buying or leasing journey, trust the experienced teams at Cartelligent to craft an unforgettable car-buying experience!