Electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids are becoming increasingly popular choice with Cartelligent clients. We’re excited to see the number and types of electric options continue to expand.

At Cartelligent we help thousands of clients each year choose the perfect vehicle for them. In this article, we’ve grouped all the electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids that we expect to see released in the next two years.

We’ve indicated below which cars are available now or can be special ordered now. Typically, when new cars, and especially new brands, come to market, inventory can be low when they are first released. When combined with high levels of interest, this limited supply can lead to an increase in pricing until production catches up with demand.

This list is accurate as of the time of writing but is subject to change.

Electric Vehicles Expected in 2020/21

Make and Model Type Est Base MSRP  Est Range
Audi e-tron Sportback Crossover TBD 277 mi
Ford Mustang Mach E Crossover TBD 300 mi
Kia Soul EV Hatchback $33,950 111 mi
Mazda MX-30 SUV TBD 130 mi
Mercedes-Benz EQC SUV $67,900 200 mi
MINI Electric* Hatchback $29,370 146 mi
Polestar 2 Sedan $55,000 275 mi
Porsche Taycan* Sportscar $103,800 192 mi
Rivian R1T Truck $69,000 400 mi
Tesla Model Y Hatchback $39,000 230 mi
Volvo XC40 SUV $55,000 249 mi

*These vehicles can be ordered or purchased now.

Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles Expected in 2020/21

Make and Model Type Est Base MSRP Est Range
Audi A8 L e* Sedan $94,995 TBD
Audi Q5 e* SUV $52,900 17 mi
BMW 330e* Sedan $44,550 TBD
BMW 745e* Sedan $86,450 16 mi
BMW X3 30e* SUV $48,550 16 mi
Ford Escape SUV $33,040 30 mi
Land Rover Range Rover* SUV $95,950 22 mi
Land Rover Range Rover Sport* SUV $78,600 19 mi
Lincoln Aviator SUV $69,895 21 mi
Toyota RAV4 Prime SUV TBD 39 mi
Volvo S60* Sedan $56,045 36 mi
Volvo S90* Sedan $63,845 21 mi
Volvo V60* Wagon $67,300 28 mi
Volvo XC60* SUV $54,595 17 mi
Volvo XC90* SUV $67,000 18 mi

*These vehicles can be ordered or purchased now.

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