We strive to cover a range of topics on the Cartelligent blog—from the latest in new car technology to in-depth buy vs. lease analysis to insider tips on new car buying. In this post we count down our most-read articles in 2017.

10. Buy vs Lease: Mazda CX-5

We continue our series of Buy vs. Lease comparisons with the Mazda CX-5. Read more.

9. Buy vs Lease: Lexus RX 350

We continue our series of Buy vs. Lease comparisons with the Lexus RX 350. Read more.

8. Buy vs Lease: Toyota Highlander

We continue our series of Buy vs. Lease comparisons with the Toyota Highlander. Read more.


7. How do the Audi Q3, Q5, and Q7 compare?

Audi is a popular brand among Cartelligent clients and their line of crossover SUVs are always top choices. and-q7-compare”>Read more.

6. When does a one pay lease make sense?

Leasing offers the advantages of consistently driving a newer vehicle for a lower monthly payment than purchasing the car outright. What many people don’t know is that there are often additional benefits if you pay for the entire lease upfront. Read more.

5. Why special ordering can be your best choice

We’re a now driven society—between streaming video, overnight shipping and instant downloading, once we’ve decided we want something we expect it to arrive more or less instantaneously. Why then, would anyone want to order a car and wait several weeks for it to arrive when they could simply choose an in-stock vehicle at their nearest dealership and drive it home the same day? Read more.

4. Preparing to turn in your leased car

One of the benefits of leasing your vehicle is the flexibility it offers at the end of the lease term. As a lessee, you can choose to buy out your current leased vehicle, lease another car (either from the same brand or try something new), or simply return the car and walk away. However, the lease end process can be confusing (and potentially expensive). Read more.


3. Should your new car have Apple CarPlay?

We’ve updated our post on Apple CarPlay to include the 2018 model year. Read more.

On Location pictures BMW 2 Series Convertible

2. Understanding BMW naming conventions

Most car buyers can intuitively understand that a 3 Series is smaller (and less expensive) than a 5 series or a 7 Series. Beyond that, however, the naming conventions can feel somewhat confusing. Read more.

1. How do the BMW X1, X3 and X5 compare?

We’ve compiled the details of the X1, X3 and, X5 so that you can weigh the benefits of each and decide which option is right for you. Read more.


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