With Super Bowl 51 around the corner, we thought it might be fun to look at some of our favorite car commercials from last year’s Super Bowl and see which were most effective in driving interest in specific brands and vehicles. (You can see the results from the previous year here).

We looked at requests for each vehicle featured in the ads over the same period of time before and after each Super Bowl to find which ads drove the biggest increase in interest among Cartelligent clients. With the caveat that many factors besides Super Bowl ads serve to drive demand for specific vehicles, we present our findings below (with the corresponding commercials).

9. Kia Optima, “Walken Closet”

This Kia ad starring Christoper Walken which likens the Optima to “the world’s most exciting pair of socks” failed to resonate with Cartelligent clients. Kia inquiries dropped by 57%.

8. Hyundai Elantra, “The Chase” and “Ryanville”

Two of Hyundai’s four Superbowl commercials featured the Elantra. “The Chase” highlights its remote start feature, while “Ryanville” highlights the car’s auto-braking feature. Despite the spend, Elantra inquiries fell by 57%.

7. MINI Clubman, “Defy Labels”

MINI’s star-studded commercial urged consumers to think beyond labels like “chick car” and “kidless car.” Inquiries for the brand fell by 44%.

6. Toyota Prius, “Heck on Wheels” and “The Longest Chase”

Both Toyota Prius commercials tried to change its staid image. “Heck on Wheels” featured a geeky guy feeling like a baddie while driving his Prius. “The Longest Chase” cast it as a sporty, performance car (with very good gas mileage). Cartelligent’s Prius inquiries fell by 14%.

5. Jeep, “Portraits” and “4x4ever”

Jeep celebrated its 75th anniversary with two commercials that spoke to its long history and iconic brand. Jeep inquiries fell by 12%.

4. Acura NSX, “What He Said”

Acura re-introduced the NSX in this highly-revved ad; inquiries for the brand remained flat.

3. Honda Ridgeline “A New Truck to Love” 

Honda’s zany re-introduction of the Ridgeline was fun to sing along with, but inquiries for the truck remained flat.

2. Hyundai Genesis, “First Date” and “Better”

Hyundai promoted its Genesis model (now rebranded as a distinct car company) with “First Date” featuring Kevin Hart that highlighted its car finder feature and “Better” which spoke to the brand’s desire to strive for innovation. Genesis inquiries rose by 4%.

1. Audi R8, “Commander”

Audi told the story of an aging astronaut who felt alive again behind the wheel of an R8; interest in the brand rose by 8%.

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