With Super Bowl 52 around the corner, we thought it might be fun to look at some of our favorite car commercials from last year’s Super Bowl and see which were most effective in driving interest in specific brands and vehicles. (You can see the results from the previous year here).

We looked at requests for each vehicle featured in the ads over the same period of time before and after each Super Bowl to find which ads drove the biggest increase in interest among Cartelligent clients. With the caveat that many factors besides Super Bowl ads serve to drive demand for specific vehicles, we present our findings below (with the corresponding commercials).

9. Buick, “Born to be Wild”

Cam Newton and Miranda Kerr starred as a pee-wee football player and coach in this spot. Buick inquiries dropped by 19%.

8. Lexus LC, “Man and Machine”

Lexus’s dance-inspired spot highlighted the emotions inspired by the new LC coupe. Lexus inquires dropped by 14%.

7. Ford, “Ford Country”

Ford’s 2017 spot showed people stuck in everything from ski-lifts to traffic jams; in the second half of the ad, these people were set free by Ford’s myriad ingenuities. Inquiries for the brand fell by 9%.

6. Toyota Mirai, “Fueled by the Future”

This spot, starring Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd, highlighted the Mirai as a real-life “Mr. Fusion” and aired only in California. Cartelligent’s Toyota inquiries fell by 6%.

5. Hyundai, “The Chase”

Hyundai highlighted the remote start option on its Elantra by showing it in use by two hikers trying desperately to outrun a pair of bears. Both Hyundai and Elantra inquiries remained flat.

4. Kia Niro, “Hero’s Journey”

Kia’s 2017 spot starred Melissa McCarthy as an eco-warrior trying to save the planet in her environmentally friendly Kia Niro. Kia inquiries went up by 33%, but Niro inquiries remained flat.

3. Honda CR-V “2017 Yearbooks” 

Honda’s 2017 spot showed the yearbook photos of celebrities from Tina Fey to Magic Johnson talking about the value of pursuing one’s dreams. It ended with the evolution of the redesigned Honda CR-V. Honda inquiries went up by 36% and CR-V inquiries by 31%.

2. Mercedes-Benz, “Born to be Wild”

This spot, which was produced by the Coen brothers, featured a biker bar whose denizens were blocked in by an AMG GT C Roadster. Mercedes inquiries were up subsequently by 37%.

1. Alfa Romeo, “Dear Predicatable”

Alfa Romeo extolled the pure joy of driving its new Giulia in its ad, Alfa Romeo inquiries rose by almost 150%.

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