At Cartelligent, we’re big fans of special ordering. While we also help clients locate vehicles in stock throughout California (and beyond) to find their first choice, sometimes it just doesn’t exist. If you’re looking for a soon to be released, a hard-to-find model, or just want your new car configured exactly the way you want it, special ordering can be a great choice. (See Why special ordering a new car can be your best choice)

We thought it might be interesting to look at which brands and vehicles are most often special ordered by Cartelligent clients. As you might expect the list is dominated by brands that offer myriad ways to configure their models and those whose vehicles are often in short supply. 

10. Volvo (20% special orders)

Volvo’s recent redesigns combined with the brand’s legendary reputation for safety have made in an increasingly popular choice. Most ordered Volvos include the XC40 (42% orders), XC60 (20% orders), and V90 (22% orders).

9. MINI (21% special orders)

The iconic MINI is a great choice for those who prioritize individual styling. Popular MINI special orders include the Hardtop (33% orders), Countryman (27% orders) and Clubman (48% orders).

8. Alfa Romeo(22% special orders)

Alfa Romeo’s newer releases have led to a heightened interest in the brand among our clients; the Giulia (25% orders) and the Stelvio (17% orders) have been popular choices.

7. Ford (23% special orders)

Our Ford clients run the gamut from full-size trucks to eco-friendly hybrids. Most ordered Fords include the Mustang (86% orders), Expedition (45% orders), and F-250 (33% orders).

6. Jeep(24% special orders)

Cartelligent clients love the rugged looks and off-road performance of the Jeep brand. Top special orders include the Wrangler Unlimited (36% orders), Wrangler (33% orders), Cherokee and Grand Cherokee (both with 17% orders).

5. Mercedes-Benz (25% special orders)

Mercedes-Benz combines German engineering with stylish exteriors and immaculately appointed interiors. Top Mercedes orders include the S-Class (43% orders), C-Class (23% orders), E-Class (33% orders), and GLC-Class and GLS-Class (each with 24% orders).

4. Jaguar (26% special orders)

Jaguar’s more recent additions have piqued interest in the sporty brand with our clients. Top Jaguar orders include the E-PACE (40% orders), I-PACE (53% orders), and F-PACE (24% orders).

3. Land Rover (28% special orders)

Land Rovers can sometimes be in short supply at dealerships, which makes special ordering a good option. Popular Land Rover orders include the Range Rover Velar (27% orders), Ranger Rover (31% orders), Discovery Sport (30% orders), and Range Rover Sport (32% orders).

2. BMW (32% special orders)

BMW bills itself as the Ultimate Driving Machine and, Cartelligent clients seem to agree. Popular BMW orders include the  X3 (33% orders), X5 (47% orders), 3 series (38% orders), and 5 series (32% orders).

1. Porsche (44% special orders)

The ultimate sports car, the Porsche brand is renowned for its performance and styling. Most ordered Porsches include the Panamera (55% orders), 911 (59% orders), Cayenne (53% orders), and Macan (33% orders).

Whether or not you’re looking to special order your new car, Cartelligent can help you get a great deal on exactly what you want. Call our team of car-buying experts at 888-427-4270 or get started today.