While many models see a fairly consistent demand from Cartelligent clients year over year, others can demonstrate a fairly sharp gain in popularity over the course of a year. This can be due to a redesign, an increase in availability, a new innovation or safety feature, or the press and recognition of a prestigious award.

At Cartelligent, we help thousands of clients each year decide on the right vehicle for their own lifestyle. In this post, we’ve compared our year-to-date 2016 numbers to the same period for 2015 to see which vehicles have experienced the greatest increase in popularity so far this year. (If you’re interested in seeing last year’s top movers, see Which cars have seen the biggest gains in popularity in 2015?)


10. Chevrolet Volt (up 75% over 2015 sales)

Why we love it:  Redesigned for 2016, the second generation Volt offers improved styling, comfort, and ergonomics in addition to its increased efficiency. With a boosted 53 miles of all-electric range, Volt owners will seldom dip into their gasoline reserves. If they do during those longer trips, its 1.5-liter gasoline engine now makes 42 mpg and takes regular grade gas.




9. Honda Pilot (up 83% over 2015 sales)

Why we love it: Also redesigned for 2016, the new Pilot has been a popular choice with Cartelligent clients who like the streamlined look, versatile interior, and 8-passenger seating. The Pilot is an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) Top Safety Pick Plus when configured with optional front crash prevention.




8. Volkswagen e-Golf (up 88% over 2015 sales)

Why we love it: Volkswagen added a lower-priced SE trim for 2016, making its all-electric e-Golf more competitive with the FIAT 500e and the Nissan LEAF (see EV Comparison: Volkswagen e-Golf vs. Nissan LEAF vs FIAT 500e). The e-Golf offers the same sporty look as the other cars in the Golf family, a range of 70-90 miles and can charge completely in just four hours.




7. Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class (up 122% over 2015 sales of M-Class)

Why we love it: The redesigned and renamed GLE-Class replaces the M-Class for Mercedes-Benz. (See Understanding the new Mercedes-Benz model names.) Our clients love the updated styling, smooth ride, and luxurious amenities. The GLE-Class is an IIHS Top Safety Pick Plus.




6. Land Rover LR4 (up 133% over 2015 sales)

Why we love it: Land Rover’s capable LR4 combines the brand’s storied off-road capability with robust powertrain options and a comfortable, well-appointed interior. With seating for seven and available technology like a surround camera system, the LR4 is a fantastic choice for an off-road adventure or a trip to Costco.




5. Honda Civic (up 146% over 2015 sales)

Why we love it: Starting at under $20,000, the all-new Honda Civic has a redesigned exterior, modern interior, and available technology like Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, active lane keeping, and collision mitigation systems. The Civic is an IIHS Top Safety Pick Plus when equipped with optional front crash prevention.




4. Porsche Cayenne (up 150% over 2015 sales)

Why we love it: Porsche’s flagship SUV was redesigned in 2015 with a sharper design and increased power and torque. The result retains the dynamic racing history of Porsche while providing the space and convenience of an SUV. The Cayenne is also offered as a diesel and an E-Hybrid for those looking for increased fuel economy.




3. Subaru Crosstrek (up 244% over 2015 sales)

Why we love it: Subaru’s entry-level crossover is gaining popularity with Cartelligent clients who love its versatility and rugged styling. The brand’s top-rated Eyesight crash prevention system is now available (making it an IIHS Top Safety pick plus when added).



2. Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class (up 395% over 2015 sales of GLK-Class)

Why we love it: The small, sporty GLC-Class replaces the GLK-Class for the 2016 model year. Its modern lines appeal to a trendier audience than the previous incarnation and, of course, it comes with all the technology and luxury the brand is renowned for.




1. Volvo XC90 (up 1600% over 2015 sales)

Why we love it: The Volvo brand as a whole has shown the most growth so far in 2016 and the XC90 is a large part of that increased interest. The completely redesigned XC90 was introduced in 2015 with seating for up to seven, a variety of engine options (including a plug-in hybrid), and myriad available safety and technology options. The XC90 is an IIHS Top Safety Pick Plus and the MotorTrend 2016 SUV of the year.


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