Cartelligent has partnered with Simraceway Driving School to offer advanced driver safety instruction and advanced performance driving skills to our clients.

Simraceway Performance Driving Center’s Safe Driver Training course is designed to educate participants about the realities of driving and empowering them to safely and efficiently handle a variety of challenges on the road. As well as teaching vital skills that will make drivers significantly safer behind the wheel, techniques that reduce wear and increase fuel efficiency will also be covered in detail. It’s perfect for any driver interested in being more comfortable and prepared for what the streets will throw at you.

Simraceway courses include:

  • 45 minutes of classroom instruction.
  • 7 dynamic car-control exercises.
  • Expert instruction from current racing drivers.
  • Use of cars from Simraceway’s state-of-the-art fleet.
Safe Driver Training–One Day ($695)

This full-day course combines valuable classroom time with seven instructive driving sessions designed to let participants put their new-found skills into practice behind the wheel of a road car. Drivers will rotate through practical sessions, concentrating on proper steering technique, skid control and recovery, emergency braking, accident avoidance under braking, and emergency lane changes at 40 mph. Distracted driving, a major issue on today’s roads, will be addressed during these exercises to show what a moment of distraction can really mean in real time.

In the afternoon, it’s out onto the slalom course, where instructors touch on many important aspects of road driving, including the concept of “lateral load transfer.” Previous lessons, including the initial skid control basics, will be expanded upon with a more advanced hourglass skid pad program. Finally, Simraceway will take these emergency lane change exercises to the next level, empowering students with the tools to perform this vital maneuver at speeds of up to 65 mph.

As a bonus, the time spent on this course can be applied to the 60-hour pre-license driving time requirement for minors.

We strongly recommend this program to parents of teen drivers, or anyone who wants a refresher on the fundamentals of safe driving. To learn more visit the Simraceway website.