You’ve purchased your high-performance street car, so why not invest a little more and learn to get the most out of it?

Cartelligent has partnered with Simraceway Driving School to offer advanced performance driving skills and advanced driver safety instruction to our clients.

Simraceway’s Performance Driving School, based at Sonoma Raceway, has a 3-tier program that allows you to maximize your car’s limits as well as teach you the fundamentals of car control and vehicle dynamics culminating in taking your own car onto the world-famous Sonoma Raceway. Explore your car’s true performance capabilities in a safe, controlled, and legal environment—and benefit from targeted feedback from expert instructors designed to turn you into the most capable driver you can be. Each program is a full 1 day course with a steady progression of essential driving technique education.

Performance Driving Program, Stage 1–One Day ($495)

This one-day program calls on a specially-developed combination of classroom instruction and in-car exercises to help participants understand the full capabilities of their vehicles. Car-control drills will help hone cornering techniques and explore the concept of lateral load transfer before drivers are unleashed on a paddock-based autocross track to put their new-found knowledge to thrilling use. Then it’s onto Sonoma Raceway’s world-famous 2.52-mile track, where drivers, bolstered by the expert feedback of their skilled instructors, will discover exactly what their cars can do!

Performance Driving Program, Stage 2–One Day ($495)

Open to Performance Driving Program Stage 1 graduates, or those with comparable levels of experience (please call Simraceway, detailing your racing background, to ensure you’re eligible), Stage 2 gets underway with a preparatory autocross competition on the Simraceway paddock.

Take on Sonoma Raceway in  four 30-minute track-lapping sessions, the first two of which will be in a lead-follow format to help students acclimatize to the world-famous track. After that it’s time to go solo with two open-lapping sessions to allow drivers to demonstrate their capabilities. Once back in the classroom, participants will receive targeted and detailed feedback on their performances from expert instructors who will suggest areas of improvement and possible next steps.

Performance Driving Program, Stage 3–One Day ($495)

Open to Performance Driving Program Stage 2 graduates, or those with comparable levels of experience (please call us, detailing your racing background, to ensure you’re eligible), Stage 3 concentrates on track time.

During this day-long course, participants will take part in five 25-minute open-lapping sessions—each one being observed from various track positions by an expert team of instructors. A detailed debrief that includes targeted feedback and suggestions to maximize the driver and car’s capabilities will follow each session. The course ends with a final instructor evaluation and a discussion on possible next steps.

We strongly recommend this program to anyone who wants to get the most out of their performance vehicle. To learn more visit the Simraceway website