If you’re in the market for a new car, one interesting topic is that of timing. You might be surprised by this, but a lot of buyers often search “Is it a good time to buy a new car?” before viewing their potential options. Some dealerships might talk about “Year end car deals” and others have their regular promotions during the course of the year around key holidays.

So when to buy a new car? Cartelligent will explore what are some of the best times to buy a new car. We’ll also discuss various topics buyers have asked us about including “August Car deals” or even “Should I buy a new car around President’s Day?” etc.

Is August Better For Buying a New Car?

If you ask anyone “When to buy a new car?,” one of the more common answers is December. To an extent this is right. In December, many dealerships are trying to prepare for the upcoming model year’s cars. As a result, they undertake year end car deals, reducing prices to get rid of excess inventory and sell vehicles before the start of the next year.

Yet would you be surprised to know that August is just as popular for buying new cars as December? In fact, many car dealerships undertake August car deals to incentivize buyers during the latter part of the summer.

August happens to be one of the most repeatedly popular months for new car purchases nation-wide. Over the years, we’ve noticed this as one of the best times to find a new vehicle. So is it a good time to buy a car, The answer is Yes and here’s the reasons:

  • Back-to-School: Whether it’s being the designated parent on carpool duty around your neighborhood, or perhaps your family is expanding and you need an extra row of seats? There’s also those looking for cars for their kids with newly granted driver’s licenses or for those going back to campus in a few weeks. No matter what, this is often one of the more common reasons people seek a new car.
  • Model Year End: As we discussed before, car dealerships are planning for the next year and it turns out August is when the next model year’s inventory is heading out. As a result, before year end offers, many dealerships will start offering August car deals to begin the inventory clearing process.
  • Ordering Next Year’s Cars: Many car manufacturers will actually start releasing the following year’s cars throughout the course of the existing year. At the same time, some buyers might want to order next year’s car before the anticipated release date. 

Find Your New Car With Cartelligent!

So is it a good time to buy a new car in August? Well it is and Cartelligent can help you out. Check out our Tailored Solutions section in order to determine what might be the best option for your current needs and budget. If you’re a business owner, you can also explore the Cartelligent fleet and see what we have available. We also have an Affinity Program for those who are interested in this option. Find your next car with Cartelligent. See you shortly!