December for many is about reconnecting with loved ones, celebrating another year around the sun, and ushering in the new year surrounded by love. But leading up to those sweet moments is the mad holiday dash to make everything happen. Groceries must be purchased, wishlists navigated, and holiday travel planned. This year alone AAA estimates an increase of 1.8% in drivers this holiday season compared to 2022. That is around 104 million people who will be on the road this December. For those holiday driving, plan for heavy traffic between December 23rd through 28th and December 30th. 

California holiday flying out of San Francisco (SFO), San Jose (SJC), or Los Angeles (LAX) airports have a new way to make holiday travel a little easier. Two dozen participating airports, including SFO, SJC, and LAX, can use a digital driver’s license as a valid form of identification at TSA PreCheck lines. This pilot program by the DMV allows up to 1.5 million California signups and is compatible with Apple and Android mobile devices. 

Here is how the enrollment process works:

  1. Download the CA DMV Wallet mobile app on the Apple App Store or Google Play
  2. Sign in or create a MyDMV account.
  3. The app will prompt you to scan your California driver’s license and take a selfie for verification. 
  4. If the system can validate the photo matches your ID photo, a digital copy of your driver license will be delivered to the app. 

Don’t leave your physical driver’s license at home just yet!

Law enforcement, government agencies, and businesses don’t currently accept the digital driver’s license as a valid form of identification. If you plan to purchase an in-flight cocktail, a flight attendant will still ask for physical identification.  

Make Holiday Travel a Little More Bearable 

Whether for a week-long vacation in the Bahamas or a day trip to Santa Cruz, holiday travel can be exhausting. Nothing can completely get rid of the holiday travel chaos, but little things like easier TSA check-ins or a more comfortable ride make it more bearable. The key is to find a new car in California that fits your lifestyle. Whether you are an avid weekend hiker who wants to go electric, a parent who values the latest safety features, or want a more enjoyable commute, Cartelligent can help. 

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