California recently announced that, as of September 13, 2016, there will be no limitations to the number of Green Clean Air Vehicle Decals available to California drivers of plug-in hybrid vehicles.

The program originally allowed the first 40,000 applicants to receive green stickers. The number has been expanded on several occasions, but was running extremely low. The new changes will allow drivers of plug-in hybrids access to the carpool lane through January 1, 2019

White stickers will also available to an unlimited number of certified pure zero emission vehicles (100% battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell) and compressed natural gas vehicles. Drivers with white stickers will be able to take advantage of the carpool lane through January 1, 2019.

The discontinued yellow sticker program allowed hybrid vehicles to utilize the High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes.  As of July 1, 2011, carpool lanes are off-limits to vehicles displaying yellow clean air stickers.

California residents should also be aware of recent changes to the state’s Clean Vehicle Rebate Project. After November 1, 2016, the income level required to qualify for the plug-in hybrid and electric vehicle rebate will be lowered from the original levels (see Further changes to California plug-in and electric vehicle rebates).

Qualifying Vehicles Number Available Valid through
100% Battery electric, hydrogen fuel cell and compressed natural gas vehicles Unlimited January 1, 2019
Plug-in hybrids Unlimited January 1, 2019
Hybrids No longer available No longer valid (as of July 1,2011)

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