Andy, a Novato resident who runs a commercial property firm in San Francisco has used Cartelligent to purchase several vehicles over the last few years.

Q. What frustrates you about the traditional car buying process?

A: It’s been a few years since I’ve used a dealership, but I always found the price negotiations and sales tactics to be very frustrating. And even if you have a good experience working with someone, the entire process still takes hours to complete.

Q. Why did you first decide to use Cartelligent?

A: I didn’t want to spend the time to go from dealership to dealership to find what I wanted. A friend had used Cartelligent and was very satisfied with the experience so I decided to give it a try.

Q. What keeps you coming back to Cartelligent?

A: It’s just completely painless. I’ve bought four or five cars so far and I will never buy a car another way.

Q. Describe how the Cartelligent process typically works for you.

A: I call my agent, Craig, and tell him what type of car I’m looking for. He helps me pick the exact car and decide how to equip it. Then I sit back and let him do all the work.

Q. What would you tell a friend about us?

A: I recommend Cartelligent to everyone I know, it makes buying a car a much more pleasant process.

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