Watch Anthony Vidergauz of Tiburon share his experience purchasing his new BMW 535i with Cartelligent’s Marin/San Francisco office.

“I think what frustrates me about the traditional buying process is what frustrates most people, and that’s dealing with the car dealership, the salesman trying to sell you on their product, and feeling that you are perhaps not going to get your interest base looked after, because there’s such a desire to sell their product. The idea that I could deal with an impartial professional was very appealing to me.

What I like best about dealing with Cartelligent was the entire buying experience which typically for me in the past has been a painful one, dealing with car salesman. It was easy, the paper work was easy, people were prepared. They had a lot of knowledge on the various cars I was even considering at the time. The whole experience was a painless, easy, and highly professional one.

What surprised me about working with Cartelligent is the individual I worked with was very intuitive in terms of understanding what it was that I really wanted. And like most people, I wanted a quality car and I wanted it at a good price. And I wanted an easy buying experience, and not feel a highly pressured typical car salesman in my face and bothering me for weeks on end. I got all of that from Cartelligent. I got the car I wanted. The individual I worked with at Cartelligent helped me make the choice. I was looking at a couple of cars, not just the BMW. He was very interested in what suited my needs, and he went about getting the car I wanted. He managed to get me a lot better deal than I was quoted from the car dealerships. So I was delighted with that.

I would tell a friend who is looking for a new car to go to Cartelligent because you’re dealing with an impartial professional who is looking out for you, has no interest in which car you buy, but wants to make sure that you’re happy and that they’re getting you the very best price that they can get. For me the entire buying experience including the price and the car I finally chose was conducted beautifully with Cartelligent. ”

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