San Francisco resident, Chris J, knew exactly what car he wanted, but wanted to make sure he was getting a great deal on his new car. On a friend’s recommendation, he decided to try Cartelligent:

Q. What made you realize it was time for a new car?

A: I was driving a 2001 Lincoln Navigator that had over 209,000 miles on it. It was definitely time for a new car.

Q. How did you choose the Jeep Grand Cherokee?

A: I have wanted a Jeep Grand Cherokee for a long time. I test drove it and fell in love with it. I did my research and then knew it was the right car for me.

Q. Why did you decide to use Cartelligent?

A: Amazing Cartelligent client recommendation (Thanks Austin). Limited time to go to dealerships and spend hours talking and haggling with them. I knew exactly what I wanted and needed someone to find the best deal on the exact car I wanted. I was not going to make any changes, so I was confident that Cartelligent could deliver and they sure did!

Q. What did you like best about working with Cartelligent?

A: Benjie, Benjie, Benjie. The guy is a true professional who cares about his clients. Hassle free. Quick turnaround. Professional.

Q. What surprised you about the Cartelligent car buying experience?

A: Finding out about the hidden fees, percentages, rebates, etc that you guys uncover and let the customer know. I am not a car buying expert and you made it simple and easy to understand.

Q. What would you tell a friend about us?

A: Don’t ever buy a car any other way!! Cartelligent is the new way to experience car buying/leasing.

No matter what kind of car you’re looking for, Cartelligent can help you get a great deal on exactly what you want. Call our team of car-buying experts at 888-427-4270 or get started today.