Mill Valley resident, David, wanted a new vehicle to keep up with the latest technology. On a friend’s recommendation, he called Cartelligent to help him save time and money on his new vehicle.

Q. How did you decide it was time for a new car?

A: I held on to my old one a couple years longer than I usually do and technology has advanced since my last purchase.

Q. How did you choose the BMW M4?

A: I require a convertible top, a real back seat and high performance so I felt that the M4 was the best of the available options.

Q. Why did you decide to use Cartelligent?

A: I’d heard good things from a friend.

Q. What did you like best about working with Cartelligent?

A: I thought I had done all the necessary research, but the folks at Cartelligent actually made me reconsider some of my choices and, in the end, they were correct!! I love my vehicle and feel that I purchased exactly the options that I need, without paying for ones that I don’t

Q. What surprised you about the Cartelligent car buying experience?

A: Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge. The ability to shortcut the sales process to avoid time and money being wasted.

Q. What would you tell a friend about us?

A: Why go anywhere else?

No matter what kind of car you’re looking for, Cartelligent can help you get a great deal on exactly what you want. Call our team of car-buying experts at 888-427-4270 or get started today.