Watch Emilio Seijo Rivera of Oakland share his experience buying his new MINI Cooper with Cartelligent.

“What frustrates me about the traditional car buying process is that you go to the dealer, and then you spend quite a significant amount of time there. So it’s the haggling process and the lack of knowledge that I have about the resources that the dealership has. It’s very difficult. I am not in the car selling business, so I don’t have the tools to actually get the better deal ever with them, and that makes the process quite challenging and frustrating. I don’t want to spend my time doing that. What I like best about working with Cartelligent is that you don’t have to stress about anything. You just have to deal with only one person. That person helps you through the financing process, through the buying process, and makes sure that everything is in perfect order for you to sign. So you don’t have to stress about things while you are doing your work or while you are doing your different duties at home. You just need to focus that the person at Cartelligent is working for you. It’s really a stress free relationship, and that give an enjoyable sense to the purchasing of a car. My previous experiences buying car wasn’t that way. You receive calls from the salesperson, and there is always something new. But with Cartelligent they are very upfront. Since the beginning, you know what is going to happen, there are no surprises–unless the good ones when you get better deals. Every step of the process went even better than we expected it to. What I will tell a friend that is looking for a car is to go and hire Cartelligent. Having a broker will make the whole process easier and enjoyable, which generally is not. Because if you have to deal with a salesperson, the salesperson is trying to get the best benefit for the dealership. You need someone on your side, and that’s what Cartelligent does. Cartelligent’s on your side, so they negotiate with the dealer on your behalf for your best interest.

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