Hayward resident, George, wanted to replace his aging vehicle with a new electric car. After hearing about a friend’s fantastic experience with Cartelligent, he decided to give us a call.

Q. What frustrates you about the traditional new car buying process?

A: I dislike going to the dealership. All the pressure makes me feel uncomfortable and it’s frustrating trying to decipher what exactly I’m going to pay.

Q. How did you decide it was time for a new car?

A: My trade-in was 13 1/2 years old and it was getting increasingly expensive to maintain. I wanted to get an electric car and I wanted to lease this time around to take advantage of how rapidly technology is advancing.

Q. How did you decide to use Cartelligent?

A. Some friends had recently used the service and it sounded great. They got a fair price with no hassle—the package price sounded very reasonable for everything that was included.

Q. What did you like best about working with Cartelligent?

A: My agent, Chris, was great. He was competent, friendly, and responsive without making me feel any pressure.

Q. What surprised you about the Cartelligent car buying experience?

A: The process was even easier than I expected. I was able to feel confident I was getting what I wanted and didn’t have to worry about any surprises.

Q. What would you tell a friend about us?

A: Cartelligent know what they’re doing; they take all the pain and risk out of car shopping.

No matter what kind of car you’re looking for, Cartelligent can help you get a great deal on exactly what you want. Call our team of car-buying experts at 888-427-4270 or get started today.