Watch Joan Evans of Dove Canyon share her experience purchasing her new Maserati Ghibli with Cartelligent’s Orange County office.

“One time I was in a car dealership for six hours. It totally wore me out. At the end, I just signed whatever was in front of me so I could get out.

A friend had told me about her experience buying a car through Cartelligent, and I decided to give it a try. When I did, I was very happy and surprised how easy it truly is. Working with Cartelligent saved me a trip to the car dealership, and saved me mone,y and also saved me a lot of time. After we bought the first car from Cartelligent, because the process was so easy and price was good, since then we’ve bought three within a short period of four months.

The process is very easy. You save money, you save time, you save the trip to the car dealership.”

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