Watch Katy Song of Mill Valley share her experience buying a new Hyundai Santa Fe with Cartelligent.

“I’ve had my car for 10 years. My kids are getting older, I have a dog now. I realized that I needed more space so it was time to buy a new car. I did a lot of research. I knew that I wanted a 7-passenger car and with kids and with a dog and being a mom there were a couple of bells and whistles that I definitely wanted to have on the car, including Bluetooth, the rear button to lift the gates, and I wanted a panoramic sunroof. So it somewhat limited the kind of car that I was looking for, but that’s why I decided to get the Hyundai Santa Fe.

I spent hours and days on email, phone, texts with dealerships trying to find the Hyundai Santa Fe, the specific color that I wanted with the package that I wanted and I was getting nowhere. I spent hours and hours, and I was tired of getting pointless texts from dealerships. So I went to Cartelligent hoping that outsourcing would get me the car that I wanted. For anybody who doesn’t enjoy the car buying experience, I would recommend Cartelligent because not only does it save you days and hours of your own time, but for me, personally, Cartelligent saved me about $2,500 from my estimates off of the best deal that I could get myself dealing with the dealership directly. So if you want to save time and you want to save money, Cartelligent is for you.”

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