Watch Bill Stewart of Solarcraft in Novato share his experience buying and leasing new company vehicles with Cartelligent Fleet.

“We’re a 31-year-old solar energy installation company. We service the North Bay. The Solarcraft fleet has about 20 vehicles right now. Seventeen of them are actually installation or service trucks, and the other three are administrative vehicles.

We replace our vehicles, on average, about every three to five years. Prior to using Cartelligent, we would go through the dealer route. We’d go to the dealer and have a pretty good idea of what we wanted. We’re just looking for the lowest price, but the dealers would generally put us through the process of options and so forth. It really would take hours, as opposed to the amount of time that we really wanted to spend on it, which really should have been just a few minutes.

We’ve been approached by fleet management companies that want to do the whole maintenance thing, and also they put you on a schedule to replace your vehicles. We have in-house people that keep track of that, that handle our maintenance, and we want to decide when our vehicles are ready to be replaced. Cartelligent really helped me save time on vehicle acquisition. As a small business owner, I’ve got a million things to do and I really don’t want to spend time, or have my staff spend time going around to dealerships. And like I said, spending hours on trying just to get a vehicle out the door.”

With Cartelligent, we simply call them with exactly what we want, and they have that vehicle available at the lowest price within days. Another thing Cartelligent does is they help us dispose of our old vehicles. We have trucks that have a lot of miles on them, and Cartelligent has always gotten us the best price on getting those out of our fleet. It’s been a great service. I would tell another small business owner to give Cartelligent a try. It’s really easy. It’s really quick, and if you know exactly what you want, I can’t imagine a process that would be simpler.

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