August is typically one of our busiest months of the year. Many families choose to get into new cars before school starts up, while manufacturers and dealers often incentivize the current model year inventory to make room for new models. Like so much of life these days, the situation is very different this year.

As we’ve mentioned before, the global microchip shortage, combined with increased demand, is continuing to result in low supply of many models. In a normal August, we would expect to see good supply of current year (2021) models with strong incentive programs to move the inventory.

At Cartelligent, we’re continuing to help our clients have a great experience and save time and money buying or leasing their new car. This year, we’re seeing fewer 2021 models at dealerships now. In many cases, the incoming 2022 models are as good (or better) deals than the cars that are in stock now.

If you’re looking to buy or lease a new car now, here are some options to consider:

Be willing to consider an alternative car, truck or SUV:

Most dealers have fewer cars on their lots than they normally would. While the exact new car you want may not be out there with your first choice colors and options, your Cartelligent advisor can help you understand what is available. We may even uncover some other options, makes or models in greater supply that may meet your needs.

Look to reserve an incoming car, SUV or truck:

It’s possible to look at the incoming pipeline and reserve an incoming car for you. This may still involve some compromise on colors and options, but it can open up more options than just looking at vehicles available now. Your Cartelligent advisor can help find and secure an incoming car for you.

Order the exact car, SUV or truck you want:

At Cartelligent, we’re big fans of special orders. They allow you to select the colors, options and packages that are important to you. For clients who don’t mind waiting to get the exact car they want, or know they need a car in a few months, special orders are a great solution. 

As always, the Cartelligent team is here to help you navigate the market and have an easy, enjoyable, and safe car buying experience.

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