Buying a new car in San Francisco or Los Angeles doesn’t sound like a fun way to spend a weekend. You can spend days visiting dealer lots, searching for the right car and financing for you, only to end the day exhausted and empty-handed. Instead of opting for this frustrating experience, save yourself time and money by leaving the legwork to Cartelligent! As an online new car buying and leasing service for customers in California, our personalized approach and expert advice will simplify the car-buying process so that you can go on enjoying your weekends. Learn more about how to buy a new car in California with Cartelligent in this simple guide.

When to Buy a New Car

Before starting your search, it’s good to remember that leasing or buying a new car in San Jose can be a large financial commitment. How do you know when it’s time to make that commitment? Look for these signs:

  • Your current car is constantly in the shop for costly repairs to keep it moving on the Walnut Creek roads. 
  • You feel unsafe in your car or have had several breakdowns or malfunctions in the last year.
  • Your current car is failing emissions tests and fixing or upgrading is dipping into your savings. 
  • Your lifestyle has changed and your current vehicle doesn’t have the room or capacity needed for your daily life.

If any of these sound like your current situation, it may be time to set aside some savings for a new car. After you’ve figured out how a new car will fit into your budget, it’s time to start your search.

The Best Way of Buying a New Car in San Francisco: Cartelligent

Don’t waste your valuable time and energy searching through the hundreds of car dealerships in Orange County– instead, turn to Cartelligent! We make the new-car buying process simple, allowing you to continue living your life while we deal with the dealerships. Here’s how to buy a new car in California with Cartelligent:

  1. Have a Conversation with a Cartelligent Advisor: Once you’ve gotten in contact with us, we’ll pair you with an advisor who will listen to what you want and need out of your new car. We’ll talk about colors and options, compare similar vehicles, find what’s available, and help you decide whether you’d prefer to lease or finance. 
  2. We Do the Legwork: Sit back and relax, knowing that over the following few days, your friends at Cartelligent are checking available and incoming cars, negotiating prices with dealers, and finding options that meet your needs and price range. 
  3. Secure Your New Car: After we’ve compiled all the information about your options, you’ll meet with your advisor again to choose which deal is right for you and go over all the fine print. You’ll sign your favorite deal and hop behind the wheel of your new car!

How Long Does it Take to Buy a New Car Through Cartelligent?

While all situations are unique, for most Cartelligent clients the entire process only lasts about one to five days. If you’re looking for a more precise build, with specific features and options that don’t always come standard on the lots, our team can also special order your new vehicle within about two to three months. 

Start the Conversation with Cartelligent Today!

Experience a brand-new car buying experience when you get in touch with Cartelligent today! Our team is ready to help you find the car you need at the price you want, without the hassle. Get more information about our process on our Frequently Asked Questions page and see how Cartelligent can work for you.