Many people think that special ordering a new car, SUV or truck with the options they really want will cost way too much money. But, special ordering a new vehicle may be a better deal than you think. In fact, it may even save you more than buying a new car in stock on a dealers lot.

Here’s why:

You don’t pay for options you don’t want

When you buy a vehicle already sitting on a dealers lot, it’s often packed with features that you may not want or need. And, you will be paying for those features. Some special features can add as much as $5,000 to $10,000 to the price tag. If you special order your vehicle, it will come with exactly what you want, without the need to pay for anything extra.

You’ll get exactly what you want

New vehicles come with a wide range of available features, such as: parking assistance, Bluetooth, navigation, xenon-gas headlights, adaptive cruise control, heated seats and headlight washers. You’re probably going to be spending a lot of time in your car, especially if you use it to commute back and forth to work. The best reason to special order a car is to get exactly the options you want. That can be priceless.

Current dealer inventory is low

Due to the current chip shortage (at the time of writing), dealers have less inventory than normal, and many in-stock vehicles are selling above MSRP. You may pay a premium for a car available on a dealer’s lot. Many manufacturers offer a discount on special orders because it saves dealers the insurance, lot fees and other costs involved with having a car sit in inventory.

Some options are only available if you special order your vehicle

Take one example: the BMW Individual Collection has options that are only available with a special order, such as: custom exterior colors and interior options like full merino leather, smooth alcantara, fine-grain woods, silk and precious stones.

Remember that special ordering your vehicle will take lead time. If you are buying a vehicle that was built in the U.S., there’s normally 6-10 weeks lead time before your vehicle arrives. If you are buying a vehicle that was built in Europe, lead time may be 2-4 months. If your current lease is ending in the next few months or you don’t mind waiting a few short weeks, it’s a perfect time to do a special order.

Thinking about special ordering a new vehicle? Cartelligent’s expert local advisers will help you order the right car, SUV or truck to fit your lifestyle, with exactly the options you want. We will let you know the lead time to expect, and can get you a great deal.

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