While SUVs and crossovers top the sales charts (especially among luxury car buyers), there’s a compelling argument to be made for wagons in some situations. Wagons trade a higher seating position for more car-like handling, and sometimes even have greater interior space and get better fuel economy than their SUV counterparts. In this multipart series we’ll compare a wagon with its SUV sibling and highlight the differences. You may be surprised with the results.

Jetta SportWagen vs. Tiguan

Volkswagen currently makes one wagon, the Jetta SportWagen, and it’s positioned close to the Tiguan SUV in the Volkswagen family. If you don’t need the greater ground clearance of the Tiguan or its available four wheel drive, the SportWagen offers better fuel economy and greater interior space—and costs about $2,500 less than a similar Tiguan. There’s also an available diesel engine in the wagon that significantly improves its fuel economy.

Round 1: Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagen vs. Tiguan
Round 2: Audi allroad vs. Q5
Round 3: Toyota Prius v vs. RAV4

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