Cartelligent not only helps new car buyers decide on the right vehicle, but we can also give them a high value for their trade-in. We’ve analyzed data from thousands of clients who traded in their old car to see which brand clients remain loyal to—and which they drive instead when they’re not.

We’ve listed the brands our clients are most likely to choose again as well as the most popular brands among those who decide to try something new.

10. Honda (Odyssey shown above)
Clients who drive again: 25%What else they choose: A quarter of our clients who trade-in their current Honda decide to buy another car from the same brand. Top choices among those who switch include Toyota (16%), Audi (8%) and Lexus (7%).

9. Volkswagen (Golf GTI shown above)
Clients who drive again: 27%What else they choose: Even Volkswagen owners who decide to try another brand tend to stay with German cars. Surprisingly, rival BMW (13%) leads parent brand Audi (12%) among switchers.

8. Acura (MDX shown above)
Clients who drive again: 35%What else they choose: Over a third of clients who trade-in Acuras prefer to stay with the brand. Popular brands among the remainder include Honda (15%), BMW (12%) and Toyota (12%).

7. Toyota (RAV4 shown above)
Clients who drive again: 37%What else they choose: It’s no surprise, we get a high number of Toyota owners using us to buy their new car. Many pick another Toyota; those who don’t prefer Honda (8%), Audi (6%) and BMW (6%).

6. Mercedes-Benz (CL-Class Coupe shown above)

Clients who drive again: 42%What else they choose: Mercedes-Benz buyers who are ready for a change overwhelmingly stay with European luxury brands. Audi (14%) and BMW (13%) lead the list with Porsche (4%) in third.

5. Porsche (Macan shown above)
Clients who drive again: 44%What else they choose: German manufacturers are also top choices for clients trading-in their current Porsche. Many stay in the brand family by driving an Audi (16%) with BMW and Mercedes-Benz tied for second with 8% each.

4. Jeep (Cherokee shown above)

Clients who drive again: 44%What else they choose: The outdoorsy Subaru is a natural fit for current Jeep owners ready for a change and tops the list at 17%. Audi and Toyota are are strong choices with 11% each.

3. Lexus (LX shown above)

Clients who drive again: 46%What else they choose: Lexus drivers often decide to stay with the brand or parent company, Toyota (9%). Top among those loooking for a change are Audi and BMW with 8% each.

2. Audi (A6 shown above)

Clients who drive again: 49%What else they choose: Almost half of our clients who trade-in an Audi choose to replace it with another Audi. Among those who decide to switch, BMW and Jeep are the most popular brands (9% each) followed by Toyota (5%).

1. BMW (4 Series shown above)
Clients who drive again: 53%What else they choose: Our BMW clients tend to be ultra-loyal to the brand. Of those who are ready for something new, Audi and Toyota top the list with 10% each. Mercedes-Benz is also a popular choice with 4%.
Whether or not the next car you want is on this list, Cartelligent can help you get a great deal on exactly what you want. Call our team of car-buying experts at 888-427-4270 or get started today.