Cartelligent takes you on a tour of the features and benefits of the 2015 Toyota Highlander Limited.

Good afternoon everyone. This is Wade with Cartelligent, the smarter way to buy a new car.

Today we are going to give you a quick rundown on some of the basic features of the Toyota Highlander All-Wheel Drive Limited.

One of the major selling points of the Highlander is its size. This is one of the vehicles you can seat seven in pretty comfortably. In the event you need to access the third row, that can be done and it can scoot forward pretty easily for easy ingress and egress. But in the event you need to put something larger in here, these seats do fold totally flat. So putting something like a kayak or another large piece of equipment in the back of a Highlander is pretty easy. Interior space is definitely a strength for the Highlander. As a six-footer myself you have ample head room in here in the second row and it’s pretty easy to get in and out of.

On the Limited Trim you also get this great panoramic sunroof which adds to the overall open and airiness of this already large cabin. This does split open as well. The rear panel is fixed, but you can get the front half to open up to get the wind through your hair a little bit. Up front you got this great touch screen where you have a lot of different toys including navigation, Bluetooth audio, various different radio systems. You got different settings for inclement weather, and for off-roading; so it’s a very capable vehicle in that regard.

Just above it you’ll notice the USB and auxiliary jacks on the vehicle. They’re not conveniently located, but you can pretty easily run a wire through the dash here so you can charge your smart phone and keep it in a convenient spot so its not flying around while you’re driving. Another feature you get on the Limited Trim is the both heated and cooled seats, the controls for which are right here in the center. Many of the features that are available to you on the touch screen here can actually be displayed on the screen in between the speedometer and the tachometer. Much of that functionality is programmed from the steering wheel right here.

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