BMW buyers have a number of options available to them. Is it better to choose the in-stock vehicle on the dealer’s lot or special order the perfect car? Is leasing or buying the right option?

At Cartelligent, we help clients buy all makes and models—BMW is consistently one of our most popular brands.  In this article, we’ll look at the answers to each of the questions above to help you learn the best way to buy a new BMW.

Locating your new BMW

Each BMW model can be configured in literally thousands of ways. It can be frustrating to find the vehicle you want, configured the way you want it. Your options are:

Search for an in-stock BMW that comes close to your requirements

If you need your new vehicle right away, finding an in-stock vehicle can be your best option. Cartelligent can help you look at inventory throughout the state of California to find the car that best matches your requirements.

If you’re outside of California, or prefer to visit multiple dealerships yourself, don’t be afraid to ask the dealership to trade with another dealer for the car you want. While their preference is always to sell you the car on the lot, they can and will trade for another vehicle if that’s what it takes to make the sale.

Special order your BMW exactly the way you want it

Special ordering can be a fantastic option for those who don’t mind waiting a few weeks for the car to arrive. Ordering can save money because you don’t need to pay extra for options you don’t want, and you can configure the vehicle exactly the way you want it. (See Should you special order your new BMW?).

Cartelligent can help place a special order, or you can do it yourself at any BMW dealership. The dealer’s preference is to sell a car off the lot, so be prepared to stand your ground if you decide to place the order yourself.

Special order your BMW (and pick it up in Germany)

BMW’s European Delivery Program allows you to combine the advantages of special ordering your new car with the fun of a European vacation. The BMW program includes a factory tour and museum visit as well as fourteen days of insurance on your new car for your European vacation. (See European Delivery: Want a European vacation with your new car?)

As with a special order, your Cartelligent agent can help you to place the order or you can do it yourself at any BMW dealership.

Buying vs leasing a new BMW

Buying and leasing can both be attractive options depending on how long you plan to keep the vehicle and how many miles you drive each year.

In our series of buy vs. lease articles we look in depth at the decision to buy or lease a new car. You can see the numbers for a pair BMW leases here:

Buy vs. Lease: BMW X5

Buy vs. Lease: BMW 3 Series

Because BMW strongly incentivizes leasing, this tends to be a competitive choice for those who plan to keep their vehicle for less than five years; after that it often makes more sense to purchase the vehicle. (See How to Get a Great Deal on a BMW iX Lease)

Your Cartelligent agent can help walk you through the the best way to buy a new BMW and give you the tools you need to make an educated choice.

Whether you want a new BMW or any other new car, Cartelligent can help you get a great deal on exactly what you want. Call our team of car-buying experts at 888-427-4270 or get started today.