As we reported earlier this year, the 2021 global microchip shortage continues to have repercussions throughout the auto industry. We’re seeing an unprecedented combination of high demand and low inventory, causing prices to increase for both new and used cars.

At Cartelligent, our mission is to make car buying easy and enjoyable for our clients. For the past twenty years, we’ve helped clients get the new car they want at a great price no matter what is going on in the world around us. This current situation is no different. 

Here are some of the questions our clients have been asking most often in Summer 2021

I’m looking a new car in the next few days or weeks, are there any deals out there?

Yes. While most models are in limited supply in comparison to normal inventory levels, there are some cars that are in better supply than others. Your Cartelligent advisor can help you understand inventory levels on the car you want and search for alternatives that may be more available.

I know exactly what I want, can I still find it?

Yes. As always, we can search statewide inventory (and beyond) to see if the car, tuck or SUV you’re looking for is available. If it’s not currently in inventory, we can look to reserve an incoming car for you or help you place a special order.

Can you help me sell my current car?

Yes. We can help you trade-in your vehicle for a high value whether or not you’re looking to buy or lease a new car at this time. 

I’m in a lease, is it possible to get out early?

Yes. At this time, we’re able to help many clients get out of their lease early at no cost. Your Cartelligent advisor can help you assess your current vehicle and determine whether or not we can help you terminate the lease early.

When do you think the inventory situation will start to improve?

Manufacturers are continuing to build vehicles, but many of these are already pre-sold to clients who have special ordered or reserved an incoming vehicle. Our recommendation is that clients who are looking to buy at any point in 2021 should place a special order now to get a good price on the exact car, truck or SUV they want. 

As always, the Cartelligent team is here to help you navigate the market and have an easy, enjoyable, and safe car buying experience.

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