We strive to cover a range of topics on the Cartelligent blog—from the latest in new car technology to in-depth buy vs. lease analysis to insider tips on new car buying. In this post we count down our most-read articles in 2015.

10. Should you opt for a WiFi hotspot in your new car?

These days it seems we’re always connected to the internet. From in-plane WiFi to hotspots at Starbucks, there are few times when an internet connection is not easily available. The exception until lately has been the car. Short of turning your phone into a WiFi hotspot and burning through your data plan, there hasn’t been a reliable way to get all your devices connected on the road. Read more.

9. Should your next car have Head-Up Display?

Head-up display (HUD) was originally developed by the military to transmit targeting information to pilots without forcing them to take their eyes away from their flight path. In recent years, the technology has been utilized by mainstream automobile manufacturers to provide drivers with the same ability to information such as speed and directions while remaining focused on the road. Read more.

8. Buy vs. Lease: BMW 3 Series

One of the most common questions we’re asked at Cartelligent is whether leasing or buying is more advantageous for our clients’ individual circumstances. The answer to this question depends on a number of factors, but two of the most important are 1) what brand of car is being considered and 2) how long the vehicle will be kept before it is replaced.  Read more.

7. Are vinyl seats more popular in BMW or Mercedes-Benz vehicles?

We recently discussed the popularity of Mercedes-Benz’s vinyl seats, which they brand as MB-Tex. In fact, a majority (55%) of Cartelligent clients buying a Mercedes choose MB-Tex seats. Mercedes isn’t the only German luxury car manufacturer in the vinyl seat business, as rival BMW has also been offering them for many years. Read more.

6. Buy vs. Lease: Lexus RX 350

We continue our series of Buy vs. Lease comparisons with the Lexus RX 350. We anticipated this would be a close call; Lexus is known for its high resale value and low maintenance costs, but the brand also strongly incentivizes leasing its vehicles. Read more.

5. Should your new car have adaptive cruise control?

Most California drivers find that the constantly changing traffic makes traditional cruise control ineffective—when was the last time you drove more than five minutes at a consistent speed on any freeway? Enter adaptive cruise which sets a maximum speed and monitors the traffic in front of you to maintain a safe speed based on real-time traffic. Read more.

4. When does a one pay lease make sense?

Leasing can be an attractive option for many car buyers. It offers the advantages of consistently driving a newer vehicle for a lower monthly payment than purchasing the car outright. What many people don’t know is that there are often additional benefits if you pay for the entire lease upfront. This is called a one pay (or single pay or pre-paid) lease. Read more.

3. Why special ordering a new car can be your best choice

We’re a now driven society—between streaming video, overnight shipping and instant downloading, once we’ve decided we want something we expect it to arrive more or less instantaneously. Why then, would anyone want to order a car and wait several weeks for it to arrive when they could simply choose an in-stock vehicle at their nearest dealership and drive it home the same day?  Read more.

2. Should your new car have blind spot monitoring?

Most drivers have experienced that sense of panic from almost swerving into another car that just wasn’t visible. Blind spot monitoring avoids this by alerting the driver when another vehicle enters its blind spot. In some systems the vehicle will even steer itself away from the approaching vehicle to prevent the accident. Read more.

1. Preparing to turn in your leased car

One of the benefits of leasing your vehicle is the flexibility it offers at the end of the lease term. As a lessee, you can choose to buy out your current leased vehicle, lease another car (either from the same brand or try something new), or simply return the car and walk away. However, the lease end process can be confusing (and potentially expensive). There are three areas that current lessees should consider as lease end approaches: Read more.

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